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  • The Greenspan Test for Financial Planning and Stock Market Advice - 6 may 2008
  • Tokyo junkets are supposed to involve relaxing polar flights, sushi, and geishas. Poor old man Greenspan ran in to turbulent questions instead. He is feisty as anyone in horn-rimmed spectacles. The recession is not his doing. Neither does he have anything to do with the foreclosure epidemic. However, his crystal ball shows that realty prices may rise at some point on the horizon. These are some gems he cast before brash reporters on the sidelines of a large bank sponsored ‘event’ in the Land of the Rising Sun in April.

  • Stock Depends on Dining Option - 2 may 2008
  • Why does one restaurant succeed while others fail? Owners can never take customers for granted. Some top outlets of yesterday can lose custom in a flash. It is hard for stock investors to exit. After all, business, social, and family events cannot stop. Perhaps we can shuffle stocks within the Restaurants Industry. There are other options within the Services Sector as well. Are you ready for an example?

  • Spot Bankruptcy of Stock in Time - 1 may 2008
  • Bankruptcies are heightened stock market threats during a recession. The US Fed has attracted widespread criticism for saving Bear Stearns from bankruptcy. India and China are the only major economies where regulators protect investors. Margaret Thatcher started a powerful tradition of abandon in the UK. Even her labor opponents have not dared to openly save Northern Rock from financial disaster. Washington may also follow its close ally in being cagey about helping floundering stock.

  • Malthusian Financial Planning - 28 April 2008
  • We hope that prophets of doom are wrong. Some of us keep worrying they could be right. Malthus lived 200 years ago. He postulated the dilemma of population growth. That nightmare is now close.

  • RIG Your Oil Dividends War or Peace with Iran - 24 April 2008
  • What should you do with your Energy Sector stocks? Will Bush push his royal Saudi buddy? Can all that Washington has done for security get the Sheikhs to keep crude in just two digits per barrel? Will Chavez have his way yet again and realize the $200 a barrel dream/nightmare? Will our Guam squadrons obliterate Iran?

  • A Stock on Which You Can Bank - 21 April 2008
  • Adversity is part of our business heritage. Think of how your ancestors lived. Go back to the days of the World Wars. Imagine raising children during the Great Depression. Reflect on the humiliation of return from Vietnam. Rejoice in all the props we share for financial planning today.

  • Shuffle Your Stocks in the Services Deck - 15 April 2008
  • We told you so.

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