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  • The Controversial Efficient Market Hypothesis - 6 June 2008
  • The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) asserts that stock market efficiency ensures that prices on traded assets – stocks, bonds and property – are a true reflection, at any given time, of all available and relevant information. This is to a great degree based on the argument that in an active market, which includes numerous intelligent and well-informed investors, stocks cannot fail to be a reflection of all available information and therefore will be appropriately priced. This being the case, according to EMH, it is impossible to use market timing or expert stock selection to outperform the overall market.

  • Make Hay from Hydrogen Stocks - 2 June 2008
  • Does stock market volatility bother you? Are you worried about what recession can do to your portfolio? Would you like some dividend revenue to keep the inflation wolf from your door? Read on and share our gas stock idea.

  • Stock Market Stimulus Secret from Seigel - 30 may 2008
  • The professor teaches at one of the most reputed business schools in the world. His stock market secrets are open for everyone. It is up to you to apply his insights for your financial planning benefits. Here is one concept we have been gifted from his web site.

  • Adapt Your Financial Planning to Emerging Market Challenges Now - 29 may 2008
  • Time is running out. Our national pre-occupation with interest rates is misplaced. Sovereign Wealth Funds lurk behind the smoke-screen. The media is full of Microsoft and Yahoo. Who will spare thoughts for China, Kuwait, and Dubai? Singapore also has a Sovereign Wealth Fund. However, this city state can be relied upon to be entirely business-like. Kuwait is ruled by a single family. The Sovereign Wealth Funds of China are controlled by the State. Neither royalty nor communists think of the stock market as you and we.

  • Xenon Lamps to See Through Dense Stock Market Fog - 28 may 2008
  • Have you driven in Scotland during any spring? You should try it one year-preferably in the back seat of a secure SUV. The fog can be so thick that you must drive nearly blind. Stock market volatility is the same. The rally is over before you can call your broker. Technical charts look crazier than ever.

  • Thank Investment Banks for Warning You about Financial Accounting Standards Board Land Mines in Your Stocks - 27 may 2008
  • Do you know what Level 3 means? You could be in for stock market losses if you think the term refers to floors of a building. Level 3 is part of the rules of the Federal Accounting Standards Board. It gives license to executives to value assets any which way. You can use them to report non-cash profits. Just change a line in a balance sheet. Conjure earnings that do not exist. It is legal. Investors without connections cannot complain.

  • Start Stock Investing Today - 26 may 2008
  • Are you a 401 (k) junkie? Do you really believe that Medicare will take care of all your health issues in old age? There is every hope that a new administration in Washington will reign in inflation next year. However, it is prudent by all accounts to start stock investing today.

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