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  • Be a Stock Market David against Merged and Acquired Goliaths - 3 July 2006
  • Media savvy and self-appointed analysts abound in every stock market environment. Some of them behave more like spokespeople or even as promoters of executives who cultivate high profiles, than as responsible purveyors of the public good. Retail investors have to read between the lines when such people make statements, for they could be loaded with euphemisms.

  • Now is the Time to Enter the Vietnam Stock Market - 26 June 2006
  • The first half of June 2006 has seen volatility and depression in the Asian stock market scene. Vietnam has been no exception with what may be described as a rather extended bear phase. Yet, sanguine investors believe that this could be a good time to invest in selected members of the Vietnam stock market. PetroVietnam Finance sold all the bonds it planned to offer over a month in just a few hours amidst the humid financial gloom! There are other signs of great hidden values waiting to be captured in this resource-rich country with enviable demographics.

  • Are Canadians Bucking the International Stock Market Trend? - 14 June 2006
  • We learn that the world's top airport, which is Heathrow in the UK, may now be owned by the Spanish. Attempts to keep the Middle East away from US port operation have drawn widespread opprobrium. The Indian Government has intervened on behalf of a business person of descent from their country, to try and wrest steel production away from the French. The stock market has become a prime example of business transcending national considerations. International fund managers and business executives determine the fate of nations with the influence of yesterday's politicians. Does Canada go against this trend?

  • Why Woodside is Such a Gem of the Australian Stock Market Exchange (WPL) - 8 June 2006
  • Perth is not the head quarter city for any large number of the world's most exciting companies, but Woodside, a leading member of the Australian stock market community, is a worthy exception. Woodside has a market capitalization of over $20 billion, and has been in the vital business of oil and gas exploration and production for over half a century. Woodside brings quintessential Aussie characteristics of grit and enterprise with a sense of fun as well, to the dour world of fossil fuels.

  • Is a Stock Market Just Another Company? - 6 June 2006
  • Not exactly, for every stock market has a structure and systems which are basically designed to enable the public to participate in ownership of member companies. A stock market is also a vital forum for entrepreneurs to present exciting new projects, and to invite the world to participate in their realization.

  • 5 Point Checklist for Your Stock Market Professional - 6 June 2006
  • Any licensed stock market broker should be good enough to look after the routine and accounting of your transaction decisions. A secretary should suffice to prepare summaries of long hours of reading and browsing for stock market information and opinions. However, you deserve more and better from a stock market professional, who is supposed to analyze relevant trends, put disconnected information together and to make sound recommendations to increase your wealth. Here are 5 top questions to ask and find out whether you have the best personal stock market professional around:

  • The Number One Stock Market of the World - 18 may 2006
  • No city comes even close to New York in terms of stock market power. Home to both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ), trillions of dollars of industrial and commercial value are made, lost and traded here every year. No firm of substance can afford to ignore the capitalist forum of the stock market. New York, the financial capital of the world's biggest economy, fittingly hosts the two largest bourses.

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