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  • A Profitable Stock Market Opportunity in Beirut, Lebanon - 21 August 2006
  • The stock market is rudimentary, relatively new, and small as well by international standards. The country has only just begun to recover from years of strife and has a virtually stagnant and relatively small GDP. A majority of the people are poor in comparison to their regional peers. It seems to make sense that no American company has listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange as of June 2006, but on deeper reflection it may appear that we are about to miss the boat!

  • Bargain Hunting on the Stock Market - 8 August 2006
  • The stock market scene during the second half of 2006 may not be as bright and bullish as the last 12 months have been. This could be a good time to pick up stocks of companies which are undervalued by the stock market community as a whole. It is common knowledge that irrational sentiment and herd mentality drive stock market values when the macro economic outlook is hazy, and this tarring of all equities with one brush has the makings of an exciting treasure hunt!

  • Sweet Stock Market Deals - 1 August 2006
  • Commodities should form an integral part of every stock market portfolio. Demand for them is relatively stable, because of which they provide steady returns over time. Most of them go through cycles of supply-demand balances, so it helps if one can invest in them during an opportune period. However, most of them will not let down patient investors and those on the stock market for the long term.

  • Why the Stock Market Should Worry About Product Liability - 25 July 2006
  • The stock market in which Union Carbide was listed in 1984 had a narrow escape. Many influential stake holders demanded the company's entire net worth as compensation for the victims of the accident in Bhopal. Others wanted the company's Chairman arrested. Neither of these extreme actions has taken place, but it is a matter of concern for every stock market investor. What if a company on which you are invested is faced with a sudden product liability for which it does not have cover?

  • Why the Stock Market Should Not Write Off Zimbabwe - 21 July 2006
  • We may have written it off our stock market portfolio, and may not know exactly where in Africa it is, but the Chinese and Russians continue to court business prospects in Zimbabwe. The country's stock market is miniscule by international standards and the bureaucracy of foreign ownership and terms of listing are both confusing and changing. The GDP is in decline, and you never seem to know how long the country will last. The United Kingdom, which once ruled the land under the name Rhodesia, has led the Western world in a virtual boycott of Zimbabwe. So why bother with this wilderness?

  • How Indices Mislead Small Stock Market Investors - 17 July 2006
  • Stock market analysts love indices. There is more than one index for commodities, metals and for all significant industrial sectors. Market capitalization is itself the subject of an index, which is commonly taken as a barometer of economic health. Indices can help people with enormous funds decide on country priorities-in which territories should they expand portfolios. They can also be used to choose sectors within a stock market.

  • Savings That Cost Stock Market Investors Dearly - 10 July 2006
  • Most stock market players are conditioned to heartily compliment managements which cut costs. However, there are ways of boosting bottom lines for a particular year that actually hurt investor interests in the long run. The ongoing nature of a business implies that certain maintenance and development expenses are musts even when the going is not the best. Every stock market participant has therefore to look for details when a company in which they have investments reports short term profit increases due to cost cutting.

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