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  • Stock Market Defeats for Want of a Nail... - 15 September 2006
  • Stock market pressures for quarterly results are so great that managements can get distracted from strategic issues. We investors are largely to blame for this and pay for the consequences as well! There is a case to ask for more questions related to the sustained competitiveness of enterprises, rather than to be excessively concerned about the recent past. Such thinking may hold the key to success in the turbulent times of today.

  • Stock Market Ancestor - 13 September 2006
  • Do you know of a stock market which operated in the 18th century? Dublin in Ireland has the proud distinction of opening the doors of a stock exchange in an era when the world economy was in a primordial state. It has survived times of great strife with its head high. The Irish Stock Exchange offers a dull range of top quality services. It is known in global circles for diligent regulation that fosters trust. It is a fine example of the free market system of economic development, and has a pivotal role in the admirable growth of Ireland’s Gross National Product.

  • The Stock Market System for National Development - 8 September 2006
  • The stock market culture has dawned on the Dominican Republic. This Caribbean island strives to awake from centuries of poverty and a weak economy, to a modern nation with a prosperous people. Democracy has proven to be the backbone of rapid economic development of the country, and the elected President's recent statement in support of local stock market development is most significant.

  • Company Performance Evaluation across Stock Market Borders - 8 September 2006
  • Transnational companies, though common targets of attack on social and environmental issues, are the darlings of every major stock market. Professionals everywhere dream of making global careers, and investors have learnt from decades of experience that these companies are repositories of management excellence.

  • Which Search Engine Should the Stock Market Back? - 7 September 2006
  • The stock market does not really need to answer such a question, for the on-going battle for browsers between yahoo and google is good news for bourses in any case. Both companies have top management and technology resources, and can garner long term web world shares for growth and profits. Microsoft will not sit as a shy bystander either! We can certainly look forward to loads of stock market excitement in the search engine space!

  • Managing Stock Market Investments and Expectations - 6 September 2006
  • Investor education is essential and a basic understanding of the intricacies and nuances of investment strategies will help safeguard against possible bad decisions. While there is no such thing as a "risk free" investment there is much to be gained by devoting time to studying investment theory before putting your ideas into practice.

  • Stock Market Lessons from defeat abroad - 6 September 2006
  • What is the stock market supposed to think when a large and powerful company runs away from a major market in the first world? No foreign venture can be taken likely, or be treated as a short term move. So, how does Wal Mart explain its withdrawal from Germany?

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