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  • A Choppy Stock Market Launch - 9 October 2006
  • Even the smallest stock market investor in India must have heard the name! GMR Infrastructure Limited (GMR hereafter) was virtually unknown to investors just a year ago. The company shot in to prominence when, as a very dark horse indeed, it shot past some of India’s top engineering companies, to win tenders to build and to operate modern airports for India ay important centers, including at the capital city of New Delhi.

  • The Dubai Stock Exchange: An Interesting Combination - 2 October 2006
  • One has a stock market culture that other countries strive to copy. The other has only just begun to apply modern financial concepts to its legendary commercial acumen. Competitors around the world have reason to worry when these two spectacular centers of influence come together! It’s the growing trade links between Singapore and Dubai that are significant for the 21st century evolution of the stock market structure. Domestic companies may have become complacent in the boom years of the past decade as funds have begun to chase top picks in the stock market environment of rapid and steady GDP growth.

  • The Hong Kong Stock Exchange: A Cry from the Wilderness - 29 September 2006
  • You do not normally discuss them in stock market circles, except to shudder at the prospect of further escalation in the crude price! Tehran is no stock market ‘apple-of-the-eye,’ but that does not mean that it lacks business prospects or ability! Indeed, the halcyon days of the Shah of Iran saw rapid economic development, and the people of this region have conducted trade successfully all over the world for centuries.

  • A Stock Market Blind Spot - 26 September 2006
  • Statements required by the stock market need no mention of a company's brands, their shares and ranks. There is no place for them in the list of assets of a firm. However, no financial statement can show a surplus without them. It is ironic but true that the most valuable assets of companies on a stock market are intangible.

  • Signs of Stock Market Discord! - 24 September 2006
  • It happens to the best companies, but that is no consolation when it happens to your important investments! Acquiring a major rival has worked in the past, mainly in sectors with relatively low growth. Consolidation of expenses is the best way to boost profits in a mature market.

  • Top Stock Market Due South - 20 September 2006
  • The Bolsa Mexicana De Valores, is not just the stock market of Mexico, but both a symbol and a vehicle for the country's enormous economic growth potential.

  • Certain Stock Market Prospects - 18 September 2006
  • Why is a company with access to significant nickel reserves always a good buy on every stock market? It is common to see cyclical fluctuations in the fortunes of base metals on a stock market floor, and nickel is not an exception. Some leading miners have substantial revenues from lines of business other than nickel-hence overt stock market fluctuations often do not reflect the prospects for nickel accurately. The sector, like many of its peers, is also the subject of periodic merger and acquisition speculation. It is therefore easy for a stock market investor to be misled on the true future worth of nickel.

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