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  • Sales Analysis for Stock Market Decisions - 2 November 2006
  • Rapid revenue growth does not always impress discerning stock market investors, and they are not necessarily disturbed by slowing sales growth either. Nominal sales reporting as required by stock market rules can be misleading at first sight, and you have to dig deeper for companies in which you have important investments.

  • Why the Singapore Stock Market Loves Property Companies - 1 November 2006
  • The Singapore stock market enjoys an advantage over its regional peers, because of the professional excellence of its listed property companies. This is ironical in the sense that most of Singapore‚Äôs neighbors have far better and large land resources. Perhaps this handicap has spurred Singapore companies to new heights. Anyway, the stock market certainly is not complaining, and revels in the extraordinary success of this sector.

  • NASDAQ Stock Market Boost for Companies in India - 30 October 2006
  • There is a stock market romance in the air! Suitors from New York search for and court top companies all over India! NASDAQ has launched a frontal attack to get listings from the country. NASDAQ has an Indian office in the garden city of Bangalore, home to such stock market legends as Infosys. Having such comprehensive resources at ground zero is a big plus for NASDAQ, because there are so many accounting and legal bridges for Indian companies to cross before they can list on a U.S. stock market.

  • Stock Market Boom or Bust - 27 October 2006
  • Why do some initiatives fail to make the stock market grade, while apparently similar ones enjoy unprecedented successes? Experts say that Information Technology is different in key respects from dotcoms, but lay people may be forgiven for wondering why some computer and Internet use is so profitable, while others seem to have no commercial application whatsoever. Why could the dotcoms not adjust their business models in time?

  • Batten Down Your Stock Market Portfolio to Weather Storms on the Horizon - 20 October 2006
  • No stock market is immune from the geo politics of July 2006. The Middle East strife enters a new phase with the involvement of Lebanon. The implications for oil and energy are obvious to most stock market investors, but there are many other threats and opportunities as well. Uncertainty about global trade and the absence of any binding regulation on exchange rates combine to make the U.S. stock market scene as cause for special concern.

  • The Stock Market Quarter Mania! - 16 October 2006
  • There is a popular conception that the stock market never forgives a quarter which is not way ahead of the same one last year! There is plenty of substance to these kinds of stock market expectations, but does it drive managements around the bend? As the pressure for ever improving financial reporting produces extreme focus on niches, this in turn, leads to earth-shaking risks related to the futures of the niches. Changes in fashion trends, customer boredom with old brands, and technological obsolescence, are the most recurrent examples of eventual stock market failure arising out of narrow focus.

  • Stock Market Showpiece - 12 October 2006
  • Though the Indian Ocean has been unkind to parts of this littoral country, the Jakarta stock market is a symbol of the exciting development path adopted by Indonesia.

    Indonesia is a young nation in every sense of the term. A third of the population, which is larger than that of the United States, is less than 15 years old. The stock market, in its modern form, opened its doors only in 1977. The country took shape only towards the middle of the 20th century, shrugging off centuries of Dutch colonialism and World War II subjugation by the Japanese as well.

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