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  • The Top of the Stock Market Globe - 18 December 2006
  • Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki, are the eminent cities where the Nordic Exchange has its offices and facilities. This stock market is not merely geographically above its matching peers, but is also at the very center of some of the most sophisticated economies of the world. The Nordic Exchange (OMX) is a most progressive member of the global stock market community, and has a number of innovations to its credit, though its existence as a merged entity is a very recent development.

  • Trading Commodities is Not for Amateurs! - 11 December 2006
  • Stock market operations can look deceptively simple and gloriously profitable! This is really the case during an overwhelming upswing in a major economy. However, stock market operations may look at disaster in the face when transactions are purely speculative without any business insight.

  • The Valuation Puzzle of Stock Markets - 4 December 2006
  • How much are stocks and bonds really worth? Stock market experts are endlessly divided on this tricky issue of valuation. The rate at which future cash flows are discounted, the sensitivity profile of projections, and the opportunity costs which one takes in to account, are all highly subjective elements. Management teams and investment advisors show their pet projects in best light, but how far can they be trusted to take our priorities in to account?

  • Top and Other Fund Sources and Applications - 27 November 2006
  • There are many suitors on the stock market for your precious capital! How do you choose? Each major stock market has thousands of companies listed, and some Exchanges now encourage international investors, so the alternatives are bewildering! How about new angles on financial statements to take searching looks at how companies source and use their existing funds?

  • Dubai Financial Market - 20 November 2006
  • Secure and transparent stock market transactions distinguish the efforts of the Dubai Financial Market to establish a secure foot-hold in the turbulent global world of investment. The authorities responsible for financial policies in the United Arab Emirates have combined their legendary commercial acumen with state-of-the-art electronic technology, to develop a system which appeals to serious investors everywhere.

  • Play the Stock Market for a Financially Secure Retired Life - 13 November 2006
  • The temptation of the stock market is attractive for the young person with retirement in the distant horizon, as well as for a senior professional nearing the end of his or her career. Bank deposits, government securities, real estate and gold all have their places in every mature portfolio, but what is life without prospects of superior returns and dream appreciation at the same time?

  • A Grand Beginning for Chinese Business - 6 November 2006
  • The stock market world has not been kind to the Chinese banking industry. Rumors circulate about interference from the military regime in forcing lending to public companies, and to ventures in which returns are doubtful. International stock market analysts have incomplete information about operational conventions and staffing patterns in the Chinese banking system, though Hong Kong’s credential in this respect need no introduction. The Hong Kong stock market has a natural advantage in terms of providing financial and management support to major Chinese enterprises.

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