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  • Stock Market Archeology - 5 February 2007
  • Gambling is not a sustainable strategy on the stock market! Watching others superficially, or acting on casual and unsubstantiated talk, can lead to serious errors when it comes to investing. Long odds do pay off on occasion, but most talk of windfalls is likely to be full of fancy rather than fact. It is not worth taking large risks with precious capital.

  • Relief at Oil Prices - 29 January 2007
  • Standard Chartered Bank, has released a statement that has brought smiles to many faces. The market has seen an increase in the supply of oil, and it is therefore expected, that the price of oil might lower in 2007. On Wednesday, Helen Henton, head of the commodity research department, said that even though the oil prices are expected to lower, political tensions could cause unforeseen spikes in the price of oil. Although global growth is also expected to slow, it will not reflect on the demand for oil, which is expected to keep growing throughout 2007.

  • Interest Rate Concern - 22 January 2007
  • After their last meeting in December, at which the US Federal Reserve voted to keep rates at 5.25 %, Fed has let the cat out the bag, by insinuating that there could be a rise in interest rates, in order to keep inflation at a respectable rate. It had been the fourth time that the interest rate was voted to remain at 5.25%. Inflation is not the only concern that the US Federal Reserve has, as they referred to the housing market and the concern of the declining movement within this sector. Analyst have speculated that the US Federal Reserve might be waiting to ensure that they have a clear vision of the US economy and can confidently anticipate any inflation risks that might appear in the future.

  • The Euro Hits Slovenia - 15 January 2007
  • Slovenia is located south of Austria, and has been in a transmission period of fifteen years, to eradicate itself from its former communist status. Adopting the Euro as Slovenia’s currency has been a five year process, as the government prepared the people of Slovenia for the change over. Slovenia is the thirteenth member of the European Union, and the only one of ten countries that joined the European Union in 2004, that makes the switch before 2009. The Euro currency was first introduced in the year 2002.

  • Danger Signals in Financial Statements - 8 January 2007
  • Financial institutions and large investors have a crucial advantage over small stock market operators: they can interact with management teams, ask searching questions, and even demand affirmative action for changes they would like to see. The ‘small guy’ has to go by statutory statements and financial declarations-he or she cannot look beyond historical numbers. Now we must have the grace to accept things we cannot change, so how can we study financial statements to look after our stock market interests better?

  • Bonds and Investing - 1 January 2007
  • The stock market was nowhere as popular in the early post World War II years, as it is today. Many of today’s top companies were just starting out in business, recovering from the war and depression before it, or did not exist at all. People had generally conservative mind sets, and a bank or a post office was the best place to park money.

  • Can We Have Some Competition Please? - 25 December 2006
  • Many forms of electronic commerce would be rather unwieldy without it. Companies listed on the stock market do depend on Electronic Fund Transfer Systems (EFTS), but some small enterprises in the service sector might even go out of business without it. Freelance writing on the Internet is an example of this.

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