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  • Why Stock Market Experts Choose the Chicago Board Options Exchange - 17 may 2007
  • No one on a stock market floor would have been surprised if the CBOE had flopped. After all, options and unmanageable risks are almost synonymous. The Chicago Board Options Exchange was formed in 1973, and the rest of the 20th century was hardly conducive for building portfolios on options. It would have been entirely understandable had the CBOE been consigned to the waste bins of stock market history.

  • Stock Market Excellence through NCDEX - 14 may 2007
  • Every stock market operator who is familiar with commodities must revel in the profits he or she reaps through this part of a portfolio. It is far from unusual for some veterans to concentrate exclusively on commodities for their investments. The term covers more than 50 items, largely of farm origins. However, metals and energy are also important components of modern stock market behavior related to commodities.

  • Secrets of Profiting on the Indian Stock Market - 30 April 2007
  • The Indian stock market scene is enticing. A domestic market of a billion people, national GDP growth in almost double figures, and a vast pool of technical and managerial resources, combine to make this democracy the most attractive investment destination in the world. However, investing in the Indian stock market segment is also a potential quagmire, because the regulatory environment is far from transparent. Though corruption is ubiquitous, it is not as though you can fly in to town and throw dollars around. Politicians are wary, and you have to channel slush funds through the right sources.

  • Capture Stock Market Value from Corporate Turnarounds - 23 April 2007
  • Some of the best values in stock market transactions arise from investing in stock market companies which have suffered downturns, but which have capacities to affect turnarounds. However, not every organization succeeds in turning corners, and some continue to go downhill. Therefore, investing in a company which has performed below par is a risk from which most stock market players stay away. However, discerning investors make windfalls from such actions.

  • Moving Towards Stock Market Literacy - 16 April 2007
  • Though 401(k) continues to offer unparalleled security compared to the retired lives of senior citizens in other countries, beneficiaries have to now learn the intricacies of stock market operations to cope with defined contribution plans. This is a positive move because it is not healthy to leave one’s major savings to employers and their agents. However, the secrets of optimal investing behavior can no longer remain the preserve of a few finance professionals. Stock market literacy has become a universal need for all professionals and for people with regular jobs.

  • Due Diligence Rights of Stock Market Interests Related to Provisions - 9 April 2007
  • The attention stock market operators give to revenue, profits, dividends, and price movements, is not shared by provisions, liabilities, and litigation. Most management statements gloss over possible charges on future profits and reserves: perhaps they genuinely do not know of claims and court judgments which can rock the financial statements of the companies for which they are responsible. Executive accountability for sudden charges on companies is no salve for major losses with unsuspecting investors must endure in such unpleasant and shocking circumstances.

  • Should Investors Ignore Astrological Forecasts - 2 April 2007
  • Astrology and pornography have one thing in common: it is politically correct to deride the stuff, but who can resist a peak when no one is looking? The stock market crash of the first week of March 2007 is now an incontrovertible fact, but are astrologers right in linking it with the total lunar eclipse during the same period?

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