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  • New Stock Market Perspectives on Company Performance - 7 June 2007
  • Does the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) look after all stock market interests? Do financial statements reflect company performances fully? It is widely known that companies with a recent history of poor earnings may actually be on the verge of a dramatic upswing. Worse, a company with run away share prices may actually be on the brink of a terrible downward curve. How can a stock market investor be reasonably sure that the future cash flows of an investment in a security made today will beat the bank rate?

  • Pricing Questions for Stock Market Investors to Ask Executives - 5 June 2007
  • It is not as though cost control by a corporation should not matter for a stock market analyst. Keeping tabs on budgets is only common sense, and naturally share holders would like to hear the right noises about how hatches are kept shut on costs which threaten to spiral. It is now par for the course for even an amateur player on a stock market to use meetings with company executives and ask awkward questions about costs, but do we worry enough about selling prices?

  • A Dream Route to Middle East Stock Market Entry - 4 June 2007
  • Dubai evokes awe on many fronts and stock market aficionados are no different! The United Arab Emirates has built on its traditions of commercial acumen and material wealth to take vanguard positions in key sectors of the world economy. Investors from all over the globe flock in growing numbers to this modern and verdant oasis in the Middle East.

  • Easy Tips through the Stock Market Maze of Bonds - 31 may 2007
  • No serious stock market player can do without bonds. The latter term is used loosely by many nowadays, with bills and notes with maturities of less than a decade each, also being termed as bonds in common parlance. However, every portfolio of any professional significance must have an element of investment in bonds.

  • Start Stock Market Simulation Soon! - 28 may 2007
  • What can the stock market environment possibly offer in terms of raising children? No generation in recorded history has agreed with its successors or predecessors, in matters such as norms, customs, and even basic values. Almost all of us are guilty of forgetting our own adolescent rebellions once we become parents of ‘terrible’ teenagers!

  • The ETF Route to Stock Market Gains in China - 23 may 2007
  • It would be naïve to deal professionally on any stock market without a close eye on China! Apart from sheer size and strength, the military regime which rules in Beijing, is naked in its aggressive designs on the global stage. The Chinese economy is versatile and makes its presence felt in every sector of the world economy.

  • Safe Haven for Stock Market Gains - 21 may 2007
  • Mention the term ‘currency’ to the average stock market trader and the discussion will veer towards speculation. The Internet has added explosive fuel to the fiery tendency to make profits by predicting swings in how national governments value their notes and coins! Democratic governments often spend more than they can afford, while military regimes may also manipulate their currency values in order to compete for shares of the world trade pie.

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