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  • Improve Your Stock Market Day Trading Track Record - 20 June 2007
  • Most stock market professionals look askance on day trading, especially if they suspect that salaried employees waste company time and other resources surreptitiously on such activities. Then there are horror stories of amateurs losing large sums by treading on stock market areas which they do not understand. The truth is that day trading is a valid and skilled form of stock market transactions. You need not cheat on your employer in order to make good money through this route. Indeed, a major benefit of electronic stock market transactions on the Internet is lost by those who stay away from day trading.

  • Stock Market Alliances for Better Health Care - 19 June 2007
  • Stock market circles are not accustomed to asking awkward questions of doctors, and we are used to their brusque mannerisms as well. However, being a patient and an investor are not the same things, so you better get used to change in to new robes if health care enterprises have made their ways in to your portfolio!

  • Pinches of Stock Market Salt for News of Drug Copies - 18 June 2007
  • Generic pharmaceutical manufacturers from the emerging world are so keen to impress their stock market masters that even initial and provisional regulatory clearances in the United States to sell copies of drugs going off patents, are touted as major news stories! Some of these provisional clearances run in to hurdles down the road to market, causing hurtful stock market turbulence for the uninitiated.

  • The Bio-Fuel Opportunity for the Stock Market - 14 June 2007
  • A question doing the stock market rounds nowadays relates to the future of bio-fuels. Will they take center stage from crude or are they doomed to fail? We know that Brazil has made a success of long standing, both of pure ethanol, and a combination of it with regular gasoline, but why have other countries lagged behind? Are there genuine constraints, or are vested interests gumming up the works? What does the future hold for various players in this emerging industry?

  • The Agricultural Biotechnology Star in the Stock Market Firmament - 13 June 2007
  • Should the stock market worry about how many people go hungry every day? It is fortunately rare to come across business people who do not have hearts, but there are also sound investing reasons to look at global population trends. Consider that the world’s population will rise by a third in 2020 compared with today. Where will food and nutrition for 8 billion individuals grow?

  • New Millennium Perspectives for the Stock Market System - 12 June 2007
  • Things were different when stock market operations first began almost a century ago. Business, commerce, and industry have new roles in contemporary society. Profit is no longer mentioned in hushed tones, and the spirit of capitalism permeates even the socialist bastions of Lenin, Marx, and Mao.

  • New Stock Market Thinking on Financial Advisers - 11 June 2007
  • The new global stock market environment makes a financial adviser almost essential for everyone. Doctors should not treat themselves, and this principle applies to lawyers and other professionals just as much. Financial advice is right there on the same high street, with an intriguing mix of method and intuition. Today’s stock market investors are faced with problems of far too many choices. Screen based trading and liberal regulations mean that you can buy and sell on any stock market of your choice, no matter where you live and work. No one person can specialize in all the industrial and commercial sectors which are listed on a stock market. Besides, there are new products and methods which surface at regular intervals: how can you keep abreast of all this without help?

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