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  • What Most Stock Market Quarters Are Never Told About M&A - 28 June 2007
  • Do you wish that stock market regulators would insist on disclosures about actual discounted cash flows and pay-backs from corporate acquisitions? Executives can merge these incremental figures with existing operations in such ways as to disguise the most unproductive transactions with your precious capital! Small investors cannot be blamed for being abused in respect of these important rights. Much of the problem relates to issues of opportunity costing apart from segregation, making transparent evaluation of M&A (Merger and Acquisition) moves of the past nearly impossible.

  • Be Sure to Read the Global Competitiveness Report - 27 June 2007
  • When looking to invest in other countries or looking at business interests around the world, it is always advised to research the country and to find out exactly what the growth potential and economic developments are. To assist in answering questions in regard to the competitive status of a country compared to others and reasons for their status, the World Economic Forum, or WEF, release the Global Competitiveness Report each year. As a source of information and relevance, people have turned to the Global Competitiveness Report since it started in 1979.

  • A Futuristic Stock Market Innovation from Brazil - 26 June 2007
  • One matter, on which all stock market interests must be grateful to U.S. Presidents in bipartisan manner, is their staunch opposition to the Kyoto protocol. Yes, global warming is an issue for concern, but then can it score over our gains in the next quarter? We cannot get so carried away by knowledge business success stories so as to forget the brick and mortar contributions to our precious portfolios.

  • A Latino High Flyer for the Stock Market to Watch! - 26 June 2007
  • Do you know any listed members of the stock market in Brazil, which has made it to the global stage? Management Gurus are seized of the constraints which have limited South American presences on other continents. There could be a number of valid reasons for Brazilian companies to prefer the security of their domestic turf, but Embraer is certainly a noteworthy exception.

  • Not all Pennies on the Stock Market are bad - 25 June 2007
  • Few if any of today’s stars and celebrities on any stock market, started as large, successful and famous entities. Humble beginnings, albeit in the forgotten past, are almost ubiquitous features of the current favorites of today’s investors. Who says that all pennies of the stock market are bad? Is anyone truly certain that today’s midget will not become a champion tomorrow? No one can deny that some securities with suspiciously low face values have turned out to be the bases of frauds, but are such thoughts not true of corporations with large stock market capitalizations as well?

  • Stock Market Spectacles for Budgets - 22 June 2007
  • Why do executives hide their budgets from the stock market? Is this not a vital instrument of planning and control which people who own a company must access? Why does the stock market have to rest content with historical information, rather than the real forward-looking stuff? Hey, fellow investors-get real and demand to study budgets of companies you own on the stock market! The next quarter could look a whole lot different from what people would like you to believe.

  • Shot Selling: Falling Stars of the Stock Market - 21 June 2007
  • The stock market is not above the power of words! ‘Selling short’ probably sounds less than decent to most ears, so we seem to assume that this activity is somehow undesirable and suggestive of losses. Nothing could be further from the truth! Self-appointed stock market wizards who say that selling short is unduly risky, either do not know what they talk about, or preach differently from their affluent practices!

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