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  • Not Easy for the Stock Market to Pick! - 11 July 2007
  • Global trends mean that you can no longer play the stock market without understanding currency matters. Executives responsible for buying ingredients from other countries, exporting products and services, and for repatriating dividends for foreign group headquarters, have always been seized of relative values between dollars, pounds, euros, yen, and other currencies. However, interest in this area has widened in stock market circles as investors realize that there is good money to be made by forecasting changes in relative values.

  • Should the Stock Market Worry About CEO Compensation? - 10 July 2007
  • Nothing gets the collective stock market goat more than stories of extravagant executive remuneration. Traders and analysts may differ on all kinds of issues, but there is becoming unanimity when talk veers in the directions of bulging pay-packets, bonuses out of proportion to performance, and the high-flying styles of well known figures from the professional world. Trust is at the heart of the stock market model, and most financial circles are not especially known for uncontrolled belief that others will use our precious funds with unvarying integrity!

  • Why the Stock Market Should Prefer Financial Basics to Exciting Ideas - 5 July 2007
  • The very mention of such ideas would make any stock market operator drool! Here’s why: cat litter which changes color depending on the state of your pet’s health. An end to the nightmare of land fills, never mind if you are not sure what exactly all that is about! Great tasting health food for canines: what will hit us next? New distributors and experienced sales people on board at regular intervals, with rave reviews from grateful potential clients: this is a security no punter can afford to miss. A dream P/E ratio projection from a Wall Street address: grab it while the stock market craze lasts.

  • Does the Stock Market Pay Adequate Attention to Clean Energy? - 4 July 2007
  • No one will fault the stock market for excessive preoccupation with environmental and conservation matters! It appears that there is a wide chasm between concern for the ozone layer and the unrelenting pressure for ever-increasing revenues and profits. The road from fossil fuels to hydrogen and other forms of clean energy has hardly stirred any stock market emotions. A part of the reason may be that Universities and many other not-for-profit organizations have had so much to do with new developments on the energy sector.

  • Stock Market Labeling Implications - 3 July 2007
  • Here is a brain teaser for today: what does the stock market have to do with sociology? The financial community is a microcosm of its own. Bulls and bears are the best known species of the stock market jungle, but those of us who have stayed in the ring for years know that there are many other stereotypes, some of which are even imaginary. Though it is widely appreciated that rumors and casual talk can make any stock market move in a most unexpected direction, application of the Labeling theory can help financial wizards see securities in new light. Such a perspective also helps to see short term stock market turbulence in balanced ways.

  • Tough Stock Market Talking for the GM CEO - 2 July 2007
  • They say you do not have to apologize if you are in love, but actually it is just as useless when someone mucks up your precious stock market investments! It is somewhat less painful when a new kid of a company on the stock market block misses a profit or a growth forecast, but an abject mess by a corporation which is even older than the stock market itself, really gets your goat! The worst part can be that the CEO who conveys the disastrous news is so much richer than any of the poor sods with shares in the company, and that he or she continues to fly high with a great pay check at the same time!

  • Stock Market Lessons from the UAE - 29 June 2007
  • It is not surprising that most stock market investors think twice before investing in the Middle East. We have all been taught that it is full of shady characters that keep raising prices for our gas! Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the United Arab Emirates, or the UAE as the popular acronym goes.

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