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  • A Low Key Gold Rush on the Indian Stock Market - 9 August 2007
  • Indians, like the Chinese, have an insatiable appetite for gold. They may hoard additional quantities of it when the stock market is in the doldrums, but do not liquidate holdings even in the fiercest bull-run. The average Indian wedding turns the occasion in to a kind of Fort Knox, with the yellow metal in evidence everywhere, especially on women!

  • A Marketing Update for Stock Market Wizards - 8 August 2007
  • Finance professionals dominate the stock market scene, and though some of the younger players, or ones with exposure to sectors such as retail banking, may have some exposure to marketing, the veterans of analyzing securities have traditionally steered clear of anything to do with customers.

  • New Seduction from Brussels for Stock Market Investors - 7 August 2007
  • Every stock market investor has nightmares about executives and entrepreneurs pouring precious capital down a drain, or running away with it! That is why any new initiative to protect the interests of stock market investors is welcomed with large dollops of fresh capital influxes. One of the most important characteristics of any stock market is now what it does to protect small investors. The MIFID or Markets in Financial Instruments Directive is a path-setting initiative by the European Union.

  • Rush to This Top Stock Market Opportunity Down Under! - 6 August 2007
  • Liquid Natural Gas or LNG is amongst the least understood and appreciated natural resources, as far as the average stock market is concerned. Japan stands out for pioneering the use of this relatively safe and sound form of energy, while South Korea has lost little time in seizing on the opportunity as well. LNG is not the cheapest fuel around, but increasing numbers of countries and industrial sectors have begun to realize the enormous benefits of diversifying their energy sources to include LNG.

  • How to Use Stock Market Governance Variations for Your Benefits - 2 August 2007
  • Who knows if it is a coincidence, or by some grand design hidden from general stock market view? You have countries with double-digit growth, and there are others which send you to prison for insider trading. Oh for a stock market with growth and governance all in one place!

  • Should the Stock Market Back Airlines? - 1 August 2007
  • Stock market investors and company executives may be at logger heads on a number of issues, but one matter on which they are mostly on the same side of the fence, is with respect to airlines. Virtually everyone travels, both on business, as well as to vacation destinations. Then there is the advertising, and the loyalty programs. Airlines enjoy high brand recall, even if in a negative sense because of delays, poor service, or lost baggage.

  • When the Stock Market Knows No Boundaries When It Comes to Quality - 31 July 2007
  • Vital customer interests cannot be limited by national boundaries, as far as stock market stakes are concerned. Investors commonly have trans-national holdings nowadays, in any case. Tainted food products, dangerous toys, and product components that fall apart when you need them the most, are equal disasters, no matter where goods are produced, or the nationalities of people affected.

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