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  • How About Random Stock Market Access? - 23 August 2007
  • Some securities listed on a stock market behave like spoilt children at school! Dodging routine operational controls, and regular customer contact, they hasten to dress the books as each quarter-end approaches. This means anything from cutting corners on the company’s long term interests, to outright illicit activity. Authority is used to stifle any trace of dissent, but painstaking auditors can always uncover matters later. Are accounts of companies in which you have stock market interests dressed to meet your attention needs on fixed days?

  • The Wyeth Lesson for the Stock Market - 22 August 2007
  • Are the heydays of the pharmaceutical industry in the stock market over? Proprietary technology has always been associated with extraordinary returns, and the end of the 20th century saw an especially prolific flow of new products emerging from leading research companies, both in the United States and Europe. Some companies in this sector diverted resources to make forays in to generic drug production, as well as to enter the lucrative consumer health segment. Many stock market analysts were critical of these horizontal movements because of the lower margins and new competencies involved.

  • What Should the Stock Market Make of Environmental Concerns? - 21 August 2007
  • Has ‘green’ become a bad word in the stock market? Certainly, executives and analysts display rare unity when it is time to heap scorn on non governmental organizations and assorted activists, for their persistent environmental concerns. Are these people really adversaries of stock market culture, and should we continue to treat them with scant respect?

  • Why No Stock Market Can Ignore Geo-Politics - 17 August 2007
  • Relations between big business and government are matters of great controversy, though the stock market has steered clear of any direct stand on the matter. It could be fair to say that most small investors believe that politics and economics do not mix, and every nexus between influential owners of corporations and people who run countries, is at the cost of citizens. Certainly, no administration will admit to liaisons with powerful executives, and there are stringent punishments for corrupt managers as well.

  • How Strategic Audit Bridges Stock Market and Executive Interests - 16 August 2007
  • It was way back in July/August of 1995 that Gordon Donaldson of the Harvard Business School espoused the cause of Strategic Audit in seminal fashion. His concern then was to strengthen the hands of Boards in reviewing company performance in critical manners, without causing affront to functioning executives. Now, in a new millennium, it is time for the stock market to take up similar cudgels.

  • How Stock Market Hounds Smell Bad Loans - 15 August 2007
  • Let the stock market call a spade a spade, because euphemisms tend to breed dangerous complacency! Bulls and bears are part of stock market life, but classic lessons from abominable errors are not to be lost. They say that history repeats itself, so every repeat stock market boom is welcome. However, history does not prevent anyone from learning, and what better lesson than a crash? The latter could be too acerbic a term for the sub-prime story, but it is grave enough from a process perspective.

  • Why the Stock Market May Find the Technology Shelter Flimsy - 14 August 2007
  • Why is it that the typical stock market investor trusts things he or she does not understand? Show investors figures, projections, and tables-things with which they have lived all their professional lives, and they are the hardest nuts you can find anywhere! Then a new kid comes along with an idea about which no one truly has a clue, and all of a sudden capital chases this person from all directions!

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