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  • A Rare Opportunity to Own Loss Making Stocks (Part 1) - 6 September 2007
  • A shared secret of some of the world’s most successful investors is to buy stocks when they current prices are significantly below intrinsic values. Purchasing stocks of a company, which has never achieved profits, may seem to be an extreme form of such investing behavior, but it can be rational and valid in some circumstances nevertheless.

  • A Rare Opportunity to Own Loss Making Stocks (Part 2) - 6 September 2007
  • A Rare Opportunity to Own Loss Making Stocks (Part 1)

    Why Do Leaders Hold Nautilus Stocks?

    The insatiable demand for precious and industrial metals from countries such as India and China has led to a desperate scramble to access supplies even from the most unusual quarters (Rondeaux, and Morse, 2007). The bases of such high demands are exceptionally broad, covering diverse industrial sectors and socio-cultural trends as well. Major initiatives by scientists to develop new materials will not impact the applications, which gold and copper have enjoyed since the very beginning of organized industrial activities. There are severe limits, in practical terms, to increase production of these metals from existing and operating mines. There are some terrestrial reserves, which are yet to be worked fully, but their combined scope is thought to be inadequate to meet forecast demand levels.

  • An Exclusive US Stock Market Opportunity - 30 August 2007
  • Are you ready for the stock market opportunity of your life? Memorize your social security number and dig out all the loyal deeds of your ancestors, for this is an exclusive preserve strictly for pure US blood alone.

  • New Internet Options for Corporate Relations with the Stock Market - 29 August 2007
  • Why do so many electronic commerce wizards ignore the stock market? The Internet marketing bandwagon seems to offer more attractions for executives than for their colleagues in the Investor Relations function. Sure, there is a page for investors on most corporate web sites, but the interactivity and customer relations are nowhere close to matching offers for customers with credit cards at the ready!

  • Women Investors and the Stock Market - 28 August 2007
  • The stock market cannot remain isolated from important trends in society, so the entry of large numbers of women in to the world of investing is something to welcome with open arms (figuratively speaking, if you are a heterosexual male!)

  • 9000 Stock Market Opportunities Up For Grabs! - 27 August 2007
  • Most stock market circles may be unfamiliar with carbon credits, but the transfer of toxic and hazardous chemical manufacture from the first to the third world has been a win-win situation for knowledgeable investors for many years now. India and China have walked away with most of the spoils, and countries in Europe, both within and independent of the Union, have been major gainers in ecological terms.

  • A New Stock Market Angle on Value Investing - 24 August 2007
  • Jargon is a convenience and the bane of the stock market at the same time! We are always in a hurry, so it can be tough to use long phrases repeatedly. It also sounds impressive to use terms which lay people do not understand, or which they are hesitant to question. ‘Value Investing’ is a typical example, encompassing everything from some great deals to very damp squids indeed!

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