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  • The Most Liquid and Precious Stocks (Part 1) - 8 October 2007
  • Water has always been a limiting issue in the arid regions of the world. No human progress is possible without adequate quantities, and most industrial development injects massive new demands in to existing ecological systems. However, it is agriculture which is most exacting on water availability, and accounts for up to 80% of all consumption.

  • The Most Liquid and Precious Stocks (Part 2) - 8 October 2007
  • The Most Liquid and Precious Stocks (Part 1)

    Conservation Stocks

    The stocks of any company, which can treat wastewater, have exciting potentials for earnings and appreciation. The range of pollutants, which need to be removed from wastewater, extends from heavy metals, to chemicals, suspended solids, and pathogens. The best companies are ones, which have all the technologies to make wastewater fit for discharge in to public facilities, or even to render them fit for consumption.

  • Finding Stocks with Continuous Improvement (Part 1) - 5 October 2007
  • Fluctuations for no apparent reason are the bane of most stocks. We do not complain when unexpected windfalls come our way, but live in dread of vanishing dividends and reduced values. Not much of public trading in stocks is rational, predictable, or reliable, but that should not limit our abilities to choose the best securities to adorn any portfolio.

  • Finding Stocks with Continuous Improvement (Part 2) - 5 October 2007
  • Bulwarks against Fluctuations in Values of Stocks

    Involved investing is an optimal approach to protecting the value of stocks in your portfolio. It is a sound management policy to ask the right questions in order to foster team development (Ross, 2006). This kind of thinking is followed by top venture capitalists when they maintain close interaction with the entrepreneurs whose ideas they have funded. A retail investor need not be any different. Euphoria when stocks rise sharply, despondency when they crash, and negative questioning (Ross, 2006) of executives and advisors, are common pitfalls which destroy portfolio values. Constructive dialog improves both understanding and performance. It also builds a rational platform on which trading decisions can be made daily, rather than reacting blindly and in panic to macro trends.

  • Are Stocks from India Worth Your While? (Part 1) - 4 October 2007
  • Relative freedoms from bureaucratic and political interference are greater achievements of reform in India than the exceptionally high rates of economic growth (Harriss-White, 2003). The business potential of such a populous democracy, with abundant natural resources, could never have been in doubt, but actual developments left investors perplexed for decades.

  • Are Stocks from India Worth Your While? (Part 2) - 4 October 2007
  • Are Stocks from India Worth Your While? (Part 1)

    Fiscal arrangements between the federal (called ‘central’ in India) government, and State administrations, remain matters of contention (Shah, and Thomas, 2003). Stocks of all companies, which have large dealings with government bodies, as well as of entities, which continue to be owned in part by government, tend to show abrupt movements that cannot be explained in rational terms.

  • Survival Strategies for Stocks During A Recession (Part 1) - 3 October 2007
  • Since recession belongs so much to the domain of academic macro-economists, private investors are often in quandary about what to do with their portfolios of stocks. Should we sell and move monies in to gold? Perhaps there is something to be gained from studies of past recessions, and how they were caused (Dow, 1998). It is likely that future recessions of a global world are less cataclysmic than the Great Depression of the last century in the United States. All sectors are unlikely to behave in tandem, and it is probable that some blue-chip stocks will continue to do well though indices prepared in the past, may stand still, if not head south.

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