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  • Stocks for Secure Retirement (Part 1) - 17 October 2007
  • The days when one could work diligently, retire at 65, and look forward to living well on steady returns on accumulated savings and on pensions, is gone forever! The new situation makes investing in stocks more important than it has been in the past. Which factors have contributed to this new trend?

  • Stocks for Secure Retirement (Part 2) - 17 October 2007
  • Though some categories of consumption expenditure reduce or even disappear after retirement, others especially the health related ones tend to rise inexorably. Most health insurance benefits involve co-payments, and respond with alacrity if there are large outflows in a particular year. The situation is even worse in emerging economies without viable social security and infrastructure.

  • Have You Joined the Bandwagon of Hedge Fund Stocks? (Part 1) - 16 October 2007
  • Hedge funds, compared to conventional stocks, attract extra regulatory attention. Their focus is generally short-term compared to stocks of established corporations, and large movements in and out of Exchanges can cause great turbulence. Further, all countries do not have uniform and comprehensive controls on the identities and backgrounds of individual entities behind hedge funds. The field tends to be murky, with periodic allegations that illegal capital is siphoned in to hedge funds.

  • Have You Joined the Bandwagon of Hedge Fund Stocks? (Part 2) - 16 October 2007
  • Hedge funds have begun to open up to retail operators from the world of stocks. This favorable trend is accompanied by growing global investment shares for hedge funds in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The time is ripe for everyone who has been limited to conventional investing in stocks alone to move some parts of their portfolios in to hedge funds.

  • Which Stocks Can Foreigners Own? (Part 1) - 15 October 2007
  • Foreign participation in Exchanges is an evolving matter in the brave new world of global ownership of stocks. All countries have to be careful to keep out terrorist funds from their stock markets, but some also express nationalist and protectionist aspirations in the process of restricting foreign ownership and trading in their stocks. Globalization of trade and commerce can scarcely be complete unless international investors are given a free hand, and there needs to be long term stability in cornerstone policies as well, to prevent shocks such as experienced recently with respect to Venezuelan oil assets.

  • Which Stocks Can Foreigners Own? (Part 2) - 15 October 2007
  • Which Stocks Can Foreigners Own? (Part 1)

    Political Considerations for Stocks

    Politics is not a traditional domain for the best investors, but top values for stocks are no longer isolated from international developments. Former communist powers are notorious for using economic means to further their global power interests. Defense has always been big business, but highly centralized economies are especially susceptible to State manipulations. Russia, China, and India, are some important countries for the business world, where communism in various hues has strong and widespread roots.

  • Canadian Gems as Stocks (Part 1) - 12 October 2007
  • Canada and South Africa may be literally poles apart, but they have common stocks in one important though relatively unknown aspect: the abundance of natural diamond deposits. South Africa has been a traditional source for these widely coveted gems, but it is Canada that has made the most admirable strides in recent discoveries and new commercial production. Most diamond deposits do not have working lives of more than 3 decades (Kogel, 2006), and hence the spectacular new finds of Canada are most impressive indeed.

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