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  • Customer Health as Bell Weather for Short Selling Stocks (Part 1) - 26 October 2007
  • Though lay investors may prefer to ask finance professionals about which stocks to buy and sell, marketing experts may be the first to know which way some securities are headed. Consider your own experiences as a customer: there must be brands which you love, but cannot afford to buy as often as you wish. Each of us takes periodic decisions to switch brands or to change other aspects of our regular purchasing decisions.

  • Customer Health as Bell Weather for Short Selling Stocks (Part 2) - 26 October 2007
  • Cutting back on cellular telephone use is a threat which all network service providers must face. Some of the threats to market shares of such companies is obviously competitive, but the more difficult obstacles to profit and sales growths may be because people are loathe to spend the incremental amounts which can turn cellular telephones in to small computers.

  • Has Internet Business Become Relevant for Stocks? (Part 1) - 25 October 2007
  • Marketing is at best a secondary matter for most investors, so the subject gets short shrift when decisions about stocks are made. Internet marketing and electronic commerce have not made the kinds of waves in the worlds of stocks, as they have done in many other sectors of human enterprise. Investors are relieved by electronic versions of shares, and by the facility to buy and sell stocks without physical presence on any trading ring, but the World Wide Web has been largely ignored by Exchanges otherwise.

  • Has Internet Business Become Relevant for Stocks? (Part 2) - 25 October 2007
  • Has Internet Business Become Relevant for Stocks? (Part 1)

    Threats to Corporation Stocks from Small Internet Business

    The nature of competition and the pace of market penetration are other new threats to entrenched stocks; conversely, they are exciting opportunities for venturesome capitalists who aim to make quick tracks with smart investments. The Internet helps new entrants and relatively small players in ways and at rates, which were not possible earlier. Investors have to take note of this because new kids on the block could replace some blue chip stocks of yesteryear.

  • Vital Signs of Healthy Stocks (Part 1) - 24 October 2007
  • How much easier it would be to deal in stocks if only financial health could be gauged as precisely as human wellness! Doctors have fixed ways of determining how their patients fare, but analysts only agree to disagree when it comes to most stocks! Subjectivity in assessing company performance may be amusing for those with no more than passing interests in stocks, but inabilities to spot changes in trends, and errors in valuing stocks, make profits for some at the costs of others.

  • Vital Signs of Healthy Stocks (Part 2) - 24 October 2007
  • Vital Signs of Healthy Stocks (Part 1)

    All companies swing between earnings and growth at various points of their respective cycles. RVD depends on 2 valuation disciplines: RDY or Relative Dividend Yield and RPSR or Relative Price to Sales Ratio. RDY measures dividend yield in comparison to the market, while RPSR facilitates finding the best stocks in a sector. Overall, RVD has better chances of locating stocks with superior potentials than the conventional focus on dividends in isolation.

  • New Options for Global Trading in Stocks (Part 1) - 23 October 2007
  • The facility to buy and sell stocks from the privacy and convenience of a computer screen, at any time of day or night, has changed the stock market structure for ever. Entire swathes of jobs and services have been rendered null and void, while new technologies and advisory services have been born. The inter-relationships between hardware, software, and financial services may be entirely symbiotic, but new trading options for stocks are common denominators of revolutionary changes in the public ownership of companies that work for profits. Most of the ideological opposition to private enterprise and to western capitalism dissolves when one considers the generous individual freedoms provided by screen-based trading options.

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