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  • Countrywide Proof of Stocks with Durable Values (Part 2) - 2 November 2007
  • How Countrywide Protects Value of its Stocks

    Incontrovertible integrity, customer focus, and prudent financial policies, are the three pillars on which Countrywide Financial has built a nearly impregnable competitive position. The company balances hard-nosed management of the enterprise with a generous heart for the social environment in which it functions. The management sets not just financial performance targets, but also declares priorities for doing business with less privileged sections of society. Perhaps this is also why the company enjoys such unprecedented support from all its shareholders. It is certainly a reassuring factor for investors who aim to hold their valuable stocks in this organization’s ownership.

  • New and Exciting African Stocks from Mozambique (Part 1) - 1 November 2007
  • South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya are the most prominent countries in which international investors consider holding stocks: South Africa has a well-deserved lead in the matter. Zimbabwe has become notorious for a hopeless economic situation, and the mass of this continent has little room in the heady world of stocks. Do all the neglected countries of Africa deserve lack of investment support in equal measures? Are all of them in desperate straits with intractable problems? One does not have to be altruistic in asking such answers, because some interesting opportunities to invest in stocks with potentials can be uncovered by factual answers.

  • New and Exciting African Stocks from Mozambique (Part 2) - 1 November 2007
  • New and Exciting African Stocks from Mozambique (Part 1)

    Ideas for Floating Stocks in Mozambique

    Transport, energy, and tourism are considered to be the 3 best sectors for business development in Mozambique. The country already has a vibrant seafood export business, and there is plenty of scope to build other ventures based on agriculture. Financial assistance from multi-lateral agencies and from donor countries provides significant pools of cash from which investments in relevant sectors can earn revenues. Investors who do not want to depend on large institutions to make investments can focus on the tourism potential of Mozambique.

  • Top Strategies for ETF Stocks (Part 1) - 30 October 2007
  • Anyone can buy or sell Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) stocks, but an almost secret club of very large and cash-rich individuals and institutions determine their values. Ask any circle of investor acquaintances and you will find that Mutual Funds are better understood than ETF stocks. Those with ring side seats on this exclusive trading ring tend to be reticent unless they are trying to shore up values of stocks in which they have just bought large blocks! The extremely large and relatively infrequent nature of trading in ETF stocks make small investors extremely wary about participating in them, which is really a pity because small fry should have level playing fields with the incredibly wealthy.

  • Top Strategies for ETF Stocks (Part 2) - 30 October 2007
  • Top Strategies for ETF Stocks (Part 1)

    Short selling of sector or commodity ETF stocks is an interesting way for professionals from various fields to make large amounts of money relatively quickly, and with very little at stake. However, employees have to ensure that the companies for which they work are not parts of such ETF baskets. Another important precaution is to set limits for bearable losses, so that investors can opt out if developments do not unfold as expected.

  • Are You Ready for Nanotechnology Stocks? (Part 1) - 29 October 2007
  • Careful before you reply in the negative! Most of the world’s top corporations that depend on technologies have begun putting their stocks into nanotechnology, though they tend to do so out of the spot light for reasons of competitive intelligence. Miniaturization is so integral to electronics that a progression towards nanotechnology seems only logical, but it is in health care that some of the most revolutionary applications of molecular and atomic therapies at the cellular level are beginning to take place. It is now conceivable that all significant drugs in the future will involve nanotechnology.

  • Are You Ready for Nanotechnology Stocks? (Part 2) - 29 October 2007
  • Are You Ready for Nanotechnology Stocks? (Part 1)

    Consistency in meeting quarterly business forecasts is also an important quality that investors should seek from nanotechnology companies. The ones which make grandiose statements about the future, while glossing over present cash losses, may be great buys, but it is prudent to stay away from such stocks. Current losses can be forgiven provided they are planned during an earlier quarter, and are milestones on a determined journey to profitability.

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