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  • Stocks of Professional Marketers (Part 1) - 21 November 2007
  • Why is it that investors think about finance and technology, more than about marketing, when making decisions about stocks? Some of this misplaced bias may be due to accounting norms. Advertising is not treated as an investment by accountants, though the best campaigns may support stocks for decades! Expenses in servicing customers may even be disallowed as deductibles in some tax regimes. Even Human Resources Management professionals are not above advocating their professional roles, leaving marketing generally marginalized. Do investors take this function for granted because its contributions are intangible-at least on financial statements? Are stocks undervalued because brands are not part of such exercises?

  • Stocks of Professional Marketers (Part 2) - 21 November 2007
  • Stocks of Professional Marketers (Part 1)

    Branding is a complex process and it stands in shifting sands. Customer research, competitive intelligence, product presentation, pricing, and channels of distribution, are just some of the hurdles which marketing professionals must negotiate, before they can expect any branding impact. It is not as though resources for these wars are unlimited, because branding investments have 100% depreciation, and must fit in with the revenues of each calendar year. Truthfully, investors should allow firms to make losses in order to attain high future values for their stocks, but how often do we hear such talk in financial circles?

  • Pride and Profits from Public Stocks (Part 1) - 20 November 2007
  • Material benefits of trading in conventional stocks have limits. Once you have built a portfolio that provides reasonably assured returns to meet your basic needs, thoughts turn to doing something for your community. However, altruism is not the only reason to consider investments in tax-free municipal bonds, because they make such good business sense for the wealthy. The tax free feature can mean major cash flow benefits for those in the highest brackets of demands for the exchequer. High tax rates can actually deter people from working for higher yields from stocks because marginal returns are so unsatisfying.

  • Pride and Profits from Public Stocks (Part 2) - 20 November 2007
  • Pride and Profits from Public Stocks (Part 1)

    Post Tax Discounted Flows from Stocks

    Executive claims, standard assessment measures for stocks, and the most popular expert analyses, suffer from two common defects. Firstly, they focus on the future, and secondly, they stop at the pre-tax line. Such approaches can mislead the most conservative investors, and it is behind widespread notions about stocks outperforming bonds. While this may be the case, yields from bonds of properly managed public bodies have distinct advantages.

  • Green Stocks Mean Big Profits for You! (Part 1) - 19 November 2007
  • Celebrities win profitable stocks eve without asking, in return for supporting environmental protection causes. They can use the proceeds to further their social aims, and feather nests of retirement at the same time! The most sullied politician can win instant plaudits for expressing concerns over the future of the planet. There are many quarters in the profit-making and commercial worlds that are happy to support influential people for speaking out in favor of populist issues. However, the financial and material benefits of lending shoulders to green movements are secular. They are available to all stakeholders.

  • Green Stocks Mean Big Profits for You! (Part 2) - 19 November 2007
  • Green Stocks Mean Big Profits for You! (Part 1)

    Renewable energy forms can also be used to transform certain lines of business, and to bring degrees of stability to highly leveraged ones. Stocks of companies which adopt such approaches also deserve investor support. Bio-fuel is a case in point. The chemical pesticides business has been under sustained attack for well over a decade. However, industry leaders in this specialized space have earned new leases of life by focusing on applications of their know-how that are sustainable and in demand. Similarly, industrial groups with high stakes in fossil fuels and polluting industries can hedge their investments by taking stocks in clean energy forms.

  • Combine Learning with Pleasure for Trading in Stocks (Part 1) - 16 November 2007
  • Trading in stocks is fundamentally different to making investments. It appears to be a type of gambling for casual onlookers, but obviously the consistently successful have methods to apparent madness! That is not to say that day trading in stocks and securities is not fraught with major risks.

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