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  • Buy Real Estate Stocks Now! (Part 2) - 27 November 2007
  • Buy Real Estate Stocks Now! (Part 1)

    Stock Investing in Natural Capitalism

    LEED is not an acronym for any stock market listed security, but it is set to sweep stock trading with an investing broom! Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design is a laudable initiative of the U.S. Green Building Council that sets new standards for all stock holders in realty, construction, financial aid for property ownership, and design. LEED is also a matter of justifiable pride for the United States, because it has reinforced the dominance of this super-power in modern and sustainable means of land utilization.

  • Best Stocks to Sell Short (Part 1) - 26 November 2007
  • The secretive world of private equity loves to sell stock short so much that no resources are spared to win blind eyes if not outright favors from political heavyweights! India has ambitions of its west coast metropolis emerging as the financial capital of the world, but such dreams are reality already when it comes to volatility in the local stock market!

  • Best Stocks to Sell Short (Part 2) - 26 November 2007
  • Best Stocks to Sell Short (Part 1)

    Market Share Losses Predict Stock Price Decline

    Emotional intelligence led stock trading is not the sole route to short selling success. Market share trends can reflect future stock value as well as a blood pressure measure can speak volume for state of physical health. You will be surprised at how much the best management consultancies are willing to pay for syndicated or even custom retail store audits.

  • Why Target Retirement Funds Cannot Substitute Stocks (Part 1) - 23 November 2007
  • How many current advisors about stocks and investments will be around in 2030, to say nothing of 2045? Why are these distant lights in the horizon of eternity significant? There are two reasons: firstly, many of us are scheduled to retire around these periods. Secondly, some of the most popular target retirement funds that seek to take resources away from individual stocks are set to mature during these years.

  • Why Target Retirement Funds Cannot Substitute Stocks (Part 2) - 23 November 2007
  • Why Target Retirement Funds Cannot Substitute Stocks (Part 1)

    Stocks and Discontinuities

    Stocks are versatile as instruments of accumulating financial powers. Risk is inherent in their ownerships, but the hazards can be managed as well by individual domain experts, as by general whiz kids! Stocks require daily attention on all working days, but the potential benefits are at least as significant as any other daily chore. Liquidity is an important dimension of stocks, allowing us to make rapid adjustments to shifting realities.

  • Why Organic is better for Stocks (Part 1) - 22 November 2007
  • Please do not hit your mouse! This is not about the green movement, but about how stocks can provide better returns through sound internal growth, as opposed to extravagant acquisitions and abdicated mergers. Purchase and sales of entire companies and lines of business are relatively new trends, regardless of their meteoritic rises to popularity amongst some circles of executives and owners of stocks. Contrast how the Chinese now control Lenovo stocks, while even a person other than a Watson could not even think of running IBM just a few decades ago! We could soon witness similar developments with respect to some of the most revered names in the automobile industry.

  • Why Organic is better for Stocks (Part 2) - 22 November 2007
  • Why Organic is better for Stocks (Part 1)

    Organic Alternatives for Growth and Appreciation of Stocks

    Terminally ill stocks are fortunately as rare as people for who doctors can do nothing, and criminals without attorneys. Management processes can detect decline early enough for professionals to take corrective actions. The job and tax angles of industrial and commercial organizations mean that politicians and administrators are generally willing to listen actively to suggestions from employers about how statutory matters can be shaped to help corporations.

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