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  • How Your Vote Can Earn More than Stock (Part 1) - 3 December 2007
  • You can also persuade others to raise issues of common interests before prospective Presidents and other hopefuls for your mandate. What if you use financial planning aims as a prime consideration in using your franchise? Certainly, this is what well-heeled donors to $100-a-plate fund raising banquets do, for no private equity denizen will parts with dollars except in return for stock value benefits! You may not be empowered to break the nexus between caucuses and their sponsors, but nothing should prevent you from joining in the fun! A good place to start is to make a list of all the things Congress can do to make your stocks pay more.

  • How Your Vote Can Earn More than Stock (Part 2) - 3 December 2007
  • How Your Vote Can Earn More than Stock (Part 1)

    Free Cash Flows of Stocks Can Gain From Extravagant Corporate Deductions

    You can turn the AMT story on its head. Learn from how influential Senators find innovative ways to pinch your wallet, and turn the heat on corporations instead! This will not produce satisfying revenge alone, but can free cash flow for stocks you own. You can gain if companies are taxed for paying executive class and deluxe hotel travel bills. Not all advertising campaigns and promotions are productive, so how about discouraging wasteful deductions?

  • Can You Spurn Such a Stock Investment Gift? (Part 1) - 30 November 2007
  • Stock investing in the energy sector has become subject to some strongly ingrained assumptions. Ask any financial advisor, and he or she is likely to be full of dire predictions about crude oil price inflation, the never-ending flip flop in India over uranium, and the uncertainties of some alternate energy forms. This bustle of stock analyses tends to cover up some amazing new developments on the old front of coal. Why is this abundant and economical natural resource so undervalued? It is true that coal reserves cannot be replaced in our lifetimes, but there is certainly plenty to go around, with the United States in a leadership position on this front.

  • Can You Spurn Such a Stock Investment Gift? (Part 2) - 30 November 2007
  • Can You Spurn Such a Stock Investment Gift? (Part 1)

    Global Stock Trading Implications of Coal Revival

    Energy security is such a vital national issue that entities with even the best technologies for clean coal could find the going tough without effective government support. Lobbyists and domestic partners in foreign countries have determining influences in winning large contracts for clean coal technologies. Financial planning based on use of sequestering harmful emissions in coal use has to account for stock trading in key circles. Some pioneering technologists in the clean coal arena are academic by nature, and fail to appreciate the nuances of large government administrations. However, such ‘innocence’ can also be perceived as the source of potential stock value!

  • Stocks to Quench Your Thirst (Part 1) - 28 November 2007
  • The financial rewards of holding stocks of companies that make and market beer may be considerable, but there are other joys as well-except for teetotalers! Beer does more than quench thirst, and is a wonderful social phenomenon of our times. Many countries have their own quaint customs and festivals that involve plenty of beer, with major sports events being other occasions to enjoy this delightful beverage. Though people of other nationalities may object, it is widely believed that the British are amongst the top beer lovers in the world. Certainly, most folk of this normally sedate land, change character at the very sight of a tankard!

  • Stocks to Quench Your Thirst (Part 2) - 28 November 2007
  • Stocks to Quench Your Thirst (Part 1)

    Top Local Beer Stocks Deserve Global Investor Attention

    Many countries have local beer companies with excellent investment prospects. Global players rely on them for profit and for top-line growth, and strengthen their strategic market positions as well. Most of these companies have established distribution channels with deep market penetration and strong links with national regulatory networks as well. These companies are always active in merger & acquisition moves, buying stocks of their peers, while they remain open for approaches by others as well.

  • Buy Real Estate Stocks Now! (Part 1) - 27 November 2007
  • Careless loan advances seem to have caused many Tsunamis in the world of stocks! The New York Stock Exchange has led strings of peers all over the world in punishing investors who even discounted bad loans without bothering to check on how they had been disbursed. Stock news has been full of financial planning Gurus falling by the way side because they let down their employers and clients. The backlash has affected small traders in stocks, and has buffeted financial planning by families across the board. Reports of ordinary citizens being unable to meet mortgage commitments, and of losing their homes, have depressed stock trading even further.

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