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  • Financial Planning for the Underprivileged (Part 2) - 12 December 2007
  • Financial Planning for the Underprivileged (Part 1)

    The Future Worth of National Stocks

    Manufacture of civil aircraft stands in sharp contrast to the software industry. The United States, the EU, and now Brazil, dominate this sector. Boeing is a clear leader by a wide margin. The company has to excel in international business because there is no joy in producing big jets for the US alone. Boeing is a highly visible brand name even in countries that are inimical to the United State

  • Real Stock Value from Pennies (Part 1) - 11 December 2007
  • Some corporations have risen on the stock skyline like meteors, while others have built values over the best part of the last 100 years. However, one common factor of all stocks, regardless of their comet trails in the financial cosmos relates to their humble origins. A business has to start small regardless of how quickly investors may snap up its stocks. There may be some challenging exceptions, such as when media barons and other assorted celebrities have formed new enterprises, but the Ford and Watson family ties of diligence are more common and defining traits of the best stock picks.

  • Real Stock Value from Pennies (Part 2) - 11 December 2007
  • Real Stock Value from Pennies (Part 1)

    Business Moves Determine Stock Price Trends

    Active stock investing, with scoops of operational participation is an off-road financial adventure in which you can indulge as per your individual capacity to take risks. Experts look for a set of owner and process traits that are considered to be hallmarks of the best stocks. Large financial service institutions use these parameters to make furtive recommendations for private equity clients: copy them without shame! It is most important that the proprietor or a group of owners have a business mission on which they are focused, to justify your investment in their stock. This should include an unambiguous vision of how the enterprise should progress, and a sound appreciation of ground zero conditions in the market.

  • Become a Financial Advisor for Your Favorite Candidate (Part 1) - 10 December 2007
  • An election year is crucial for financial planning. It is your most important chance to influence key economic and financial policies that will shape your personal and family lives over the next five years. You can make this happen by binding the person in whose favor you vote to specifics that will give you the means of a more secure life. Democracy has always been a complex matter, and globalization has only increased contradictory pressures on the privileged citizens of Washington DC.

  • Become a Financial Advisor for Your Favorite Candidate (Part 2) - 10 December 2007
  • Become a Financial Advisor for Your Favorite Candidate (Part 1)

    Tax Policies in Favor of Stock Investing

    Should you succeed in committing your favorite candidate to prudence in public finance matters, then it is time to shift focus to more individual freedom in stock investing matters. There is no constitutional right which enables us in material terms, as the instrument of making stock picks. We can absorb advice from all quarters, but each decision to buy, to hold, or to sell any stock, is our own.

  • Personalized Health Stocks (Part 1) - 7 December 2007
  • Technology is the most exciting and disruptive element of stock valuation. Errors of judgment cause irreparable losses as large as potential stock price gains to be had by the discerning. An issue which causes much stock turbulence is controversy amongst experts about future utilities of ideas developed by competing researchers. Most electronic technologies have suffered from such battles between experts, with no consensus on versions that will be ultimately successful. That is why a technological platform of universal acclaim is a reason to celebrate by adding it to every stock portfolio. Personalized medicine is one such sector in which investors can now look forward to high growth stocks.

  • Personalized Health Stocks (Part 2) - 7 December 2007
  • Personalized Health Stocks (Part 1)

    Prospects for Genitope Stocks

    Genitope Corporation is a new kid on the block by all standards, since it is less than 15 years old. That does not apply for its founder, board, and key scientists, who combine to form a resounding phalanx of medical technologists, business management authorities, and veterans of developmental financing.

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