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  • Financial Planning Starts Here! (Part 1) - 17 December 2007
  • It is normal for many people to face mounting health care expenses as they age. Financial planning should always start with adequate provision in this respect for every individual and his or her dependants. Financial planning is normally a trade-off between risk and return, but who would want to take a chance with a chronic or a potentially fatal condition? Therefore, there is no substitute for setting aside a nest-egg that we hope we may never need to use. Young adults and small business owners are most vulnerable to delaying financial planning for future health needs.

  • Financial Planning Starts Here! (Part 2) - 17 December 2007
  • Financial Planning Starts Here! (Part 1)

    Financial Planning to Fill Medicare Gaps

    Medicare is so full of holes that you could be in for nasty surprises at the ripe age of 65! Obviously, this form of social security for old age does not provide for foibles such as getting treated abroad, but there are other restrictions as well. Many people find their medical expenses climbing rapidly from middle age onwards, while Medicare is more than a decade awa

  • Mosaic Theory for Stock Picks (Part 1) - 14 December 2007
  • Labels can be misleading. The Mosaic Theory, for example, raises specters of bureaucrats and stock analysts putting discrete information together, in order to discern important trends. The matter has been mixed with notions of withholding information from the public, and of presenting unsupported conclusions as well. All this is a pity because the Mosaic Theory can also be another term for Environment Scanning, a process which is integral to Strategic Planning. There is certainly nothing illegal about using the Mosaic Theory, whether under this name or another label, to make top stock picks for your own portfolio!

  • Mosaic Theory for Stock Picks (Part 2) - 14 December 2007
  • Mosaic Theory for Stock Picks (Part 1)

    Adaptive Practice Makes Your Stock Picks Better!

    There is much to commend domain expertise when it comes to making stock picks. Each sector, industry, and country has its own drivers and characteristics of stock value. It is best to understand the business model of an enterprise before investing in its stocks. What are the key factors for success? Which are the main threats? Secondary sources of such insights are rare, and not trustworthy when available. It takes years of experience to generate primary information, but focusing on a defined and narrow area can expedite matters. That is why large and professionally managed financial institutions typically employ banks of industry experts.

  • Fishy Stocks (Part 1) - 13 December 2007
  • Seafood lovers have always reveled in the health benefits of white flesh versus those of red meat. Fresh water catches also make for the most delightful entrees. Fishing, food processing, and dining are the main sectors which provide vocations and revenues for untold numbers of small enterprises. However, stock options of our fish-eating habits have been almost non-existent because the line of business does not lend itself to scaling up to corporate dimensions. Fast food and hotel chains have fish products on their menus, but the matter does not have any stock significance. Drugs and diet supplements made from aquatic life forms are another matter. Omega-3 fatty acids have a host of significant health benefits, so there is money to be made from its quality and bulk production.

  • Fishy Stocks (Part 2) - 13 December 2007
  • Fishy Stocks (Part 1)

    Regulatory Management for Stock Value

    Martek Biosciences must do more to join the league of top stock picks, its technical finesse in getting saleable products from algae notwithstanding. The company must acquire the skills of dealing with Washington regulators, or get acquired by a larger corporation with an established infrastructure in the nation’s capital. The Food and Drug Administration has not been particularly enthused as yet by the technical achievements of Martek Biosciences. This can come as a double whammy on top of opposition from doctors disgruntled at being side-lined by Martek Biosciences.

  • Financial Planning for the Underprivileged (Part 1) - 12 December 2007
  • Can financial capital ever hope to beat higher education in uplifting people? Why is so much financial planning essential to secure quality college education for our children? Can multi-media Internet access break down the barriers of the Ivy League? Education can always been at the forefront of the rise of any civilization. It has certainly been a decisive factor in the global US dominance of the 20th century. Business, medicine, and law schools are some institutions of higher education in which we can justifiably take pride. They are also virtual passports to better earning prospects, and to lives in great material comforts.

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