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  • Solid Liquid Stocks! (Part 2) - 21 December 2007
  • Solid Liquid Stocks! (Part 1)

    Global Stock Perspectives of Water

    Since global water supplies are in flux, it helps investors to take stock of the business implications of this scarce but essential resource. Almost a fifth of all people on earth do not have access to adequate fresh water supplies. First world communities are not out of the water scarcity net, as groundwater drawing and river resources are used without adequate controls. Desalination, harvesting, and recycling are essential ways to prevent public systems from collapsing. The matter is acute when we consider frequent inter-continental travel by large numbers of people in today’s world.

  • Pitfalls of Profitability for Stock Picks (Part 1) - 20 December 2007
  • Profitability is an improvement over using absolute profits in isolation as reason to buy, hold, or sell stocks. Productivity is an essential part of any measure of business performance. However, even profitability has its limitations as a guide to stock investment decisions. Temporal gaps in profitability are the most glaring weaknesses in stock trading argumentation. Why should you back stocks with ‘flash-in-a-pan profitability, or with declines compared to past trends? A more threatening risk is that the profitability in the latest financial period, which entices you to take a stock decision, has poor chances of repetition in the near future. Similarly, projected profitability may be so distant on the horizon that it is not worth the discounted present value.

  • Pitfalls of Profitability for Stock Picks (Part 2) - 20 December 2007
  • Pitfalls of Profitability for Stock Picks (Part 1)

    Stock investing can never be about numbers and ratios alone. Inflation, income tax provisions, and depreciation rates, are some of the factors that may favor some stocks at the expense of others. All investors are not concerned about justice, but stock investment decisions may go awry when based on transient advantages conferred by present legislation and macro-economics. Tax concessions for enterprises affected by Hurricane Katrina or the 2007 California fires, are typical examples of distortions that can creep in to short term stock price trends. There is no substitute to patient math with a calculator when studying a financial statement! It is also true that we cannot learn enough about stocks from quantitative declarations alone.

  • Innovation in Business and Stock Investing (Part 1) - 19 December 2007
  • Creative thinking is universally valuable. Executives in large corporations, small and medium business owners, as well as investors of all genres have stocks in discovering new avenues for growth and for delivering value. The path is full of thorns, especially when accountants are around, because so much of innovation appears to be wasteful of scarce resources. Business leaders always search for new efficiencies in their processes of innovation. Some of the most recent thinking on this matter postulates that customer focus and alignment with organization strategy are the best ways to keep research productive and relevant.

  • Innovation in Business and Stock Investing (Part 2) - 19 December 2007
  • Innovation in Business and Stock Investing (Part 1)

    Provocative Operation for Business and Stock Trading Success

    Conventional thinking about business results and about matters related to stocks tends to be highly reactive, and imposes conditions of instant evaluation. It is common to feel obliged to support or oppose ideas about how sales or profits can improve even before a written or a spoken sentence is complete! It appears, if we accept recent survey findings on creative processes in the corporate sector, that such discipline fashions all attempts to develop new products and services. Perhaps it should not be so, because chronic problems with outdated business models need fresh and unrestrained thinking.

  • Influences of Stock Options on National Issues (Part 1) - 18 December 2007
  • The stock market is not a level playing field. Stock quote dice are heavily loaded in favor of large corporations and large financial institutions. Small investors agonize endlessly over the tempestuousness and lack of logic of stock price trends. Derivatives, hedging, and short selling by large holders of stocks may be behind every unexplained movement in stock price. Regulations limit degrees of fluctuation within a single stock trading day, but officials are either helpless or parties to massive manipulations in day trading of some stocks. The situation, in this respect, is no better in developed democracies compared to totalitarian states.

  • Influences of Stock Options on National Issues (Part 2) - 18 December 2007
  • Influences of Stock Options on National Issues (Part 1)

    National Stocks and Governance

    MTBE is an example from the United States of how stock price considerations influence national priorities. That does not mean that Washington is alone in keeping stock exchange considerations uppermost in minds. Countries with all varieties of governance share common concerns over the vital need to protect selected stocks. The stock market sometimes overtakes inflation and jobs in keeping federal honchos busy! Private capital holds sway in emerging economies such as that of India, while regimes in Russia and China make no bones about using State power as corporate forces. Globalization implies that small policy changes in one economy can set off tsunamis in many others. Most Asian stock markets for example, react in most exaggerated ways to anything and everything a US Federal Reserve Chair Person says!

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