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  • Online Stock from the David/Goliath Fable (Part 1) - 9 January 2008
  • Electronic mail, search engines, and social networking, are some of the most dramatic effects the Internet has had on our recent and ongoing lives. One common characteristic of all these phenomena relates to the dramatic rise of unknown stocks. The World Wide Web is often seen in terms of the social and psychological sciences, but there are key implications for the stock market world as well. Electronic commerce is as rapid and dynamic an angle of the Internet as the media and consumer habit aspects. Stocks took years to grow in the brick and mortar age. The World Wide Web has changed the time frame in which stock value evolves. Not all of this is because of the meteoric rise of stocks from the online business world.

  • Online Stock from the David/Goliath Fable (Part 2) - 9 January 2008
  • Online Stock from the David/Goliath Fable (Part 1)

    Taxation has always been integral to financial planning; the Internet makes this part of our lives much easier as well. We or our tax preparers can file returns without paper, and answer questions from the IRS without ever visiting their offices in person. Electronic commerce makes it nearly automatic to keep full accounting records to support our deductions and the credits we claim. We can join the IRS newswire service, visit their web site regularly, and even monitor deliberations in Congress on new tax legislation.

  • New Resolutions for Your Financial Planning (Part 1) - 8 January 2008
  • Skepticism about resolutions is common, but we make them on special occasions in any case! Any time is good for making new moves towards better financial planning, but the start of a new tax period gives you most time to structure your savings and accounts in accordance with provisions of law.

  • New Resolutions for Your Financial Planning (Part 2) - 8 January 2008
  • New Resolutions for Your Financial Planning (Part 1)

    Participative Stock Investing

    Are you tired of unanswered questions and ignored suggestions from executives responsible for your stock dividends? Consider moving some cash from a staid corporation to a small business owner who will let you participate in strategic management. Everyone can acquire the skills to become a successful financial planner!

  • BASF Stocks as a Case Study in Corporate Evolution (Part 1) - 7 January 2008
  • BASF’s national origins make its stocks worthy of special review. No other country has been as vigorous and pro-active in condemning its own modern history. BASF is a survivor of the Nazi World War II effort, and it has also thrived in the second half of the 20th century. It has matched the best corporations of this country in sustained stock dividends. Moreover, it is strongly poised to play a multifarious global role in the new Millennium. The chemical industry is not exactly recommended as a sunshine sector by any financial advisor, but BASF stock is an unusual commitment to useful and relevant technologies.

  • BASF Stocks as a Case Study in Corporate Evolution (Part 2) - 7 January 2008
  • BASF Stocks as a Case Study in Corporate Evolution (Part 1)

    Inorganic growth is a way of life at BASF. Again, it is a low profile process, but determined to generate stock value nevertheless. The acquisition of the agricultural input products of American Cyanamid raised some investor eyebrows when it was first announced, but stock dividends over the past five years have irrefutably proved the benefits of this visionary move. Some of the success was due to the German precision with which new authorities were established in the acquired stocks. Other smaller acquisitions have been even lower below stock market radars, but have certainly unlocked significant stock value over time.

  • Solid Liquid Stocks! (Part 1) - 21 December 2007
  • This piece is such an unabashed support of a particular stock that it is best to start with a disclaimer. No financial arrangement with Siemens AG is behind praise for the water treatment business of this global leader, the stocks of which are quoted on the NYSE apart from the home base in Germany. Our purpose is to highlight water treatment as a vital sector for all financial planning exercises to consider. Only companies with strong management teams, sound financial resources, and versatile technologies will be able to make marks in the challenging field of meeting future earth needs of potable water.

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