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  • Cash Flow Benefits for Stocks from Strategic Organic Growth (Part 2) - 14 January 2008
  • Cash Flow Benefits for Stocks from Strategic Organic Growth (Part 1)

    Corporate Ego as a Destroyer of Stock Value

    Why do executives and controlling stock owners prefer inorganic growth? Emotional rather than concrete intelligence seems to rule the roost in Merger and Acquisition stock transactions! The United States started this trend when the Japanese sought to take over. India has been a faithful follower, seeing such racist overtones to rejections of overtures by its corporate darlings that they ask for public apologies when their acquisitive forays are turned down!

  • Big Small Stocks (Part 1) - 12 January 2008
  • Why should ordinary stock investors everywhere envy private equity owners of Lilliputian Systems Incorporated? The reason is that people from all walks of life in our times are constrained by sizes and capacities of the batteries which run our portable electronic devices. It is not just a matter of running out of energy just when a cell phone chat warms up, or when a fanciful game absorbs the child in all of us. Personal digital assistants can save lives, when in the hands of doctors managing casualties, or when used by troops in battle fields. Lithium ion batteries are major improvements over earlier versions of energy packs, but there is plenty of scope for the kinds of improvements that Lilliputian Systems promises.

  • Big Small Stocks (Part 2) - 12 January 2008
  • Big Small Stocks (Part 1)

    Private Equity Tips for You

    Successful stock investing is the most common route to creating a private equity nest egg. Most Gurus of stock investment have started with modest capital amounts. Even the most powerful provident funds are made up of precious savings of large numbers of individual wage earners. Small can be big in the stock investment world! An entire portfolio cannot be used in the form of private equity, but some parts of profits from stock investing can be funneled to fund new business ideas. What can ambitious stock investors learn from the private equity funding of Lilliputian Systems?

  • Why Retirement Financial Planning Should be a Prime HR Responsibility (Part 1) - 11 January 2008
  • Investors know that human resources matter for stock value. Why is it that regulators do not have any disclosure norms for how employees are treated? Have you ever bought or sold stock based on a professional appraisal of human resources management? You are fortunate to have done so, because any number of accounting periods may pass before you realize that a corporation, in which you own stocks, is negligent when it comes to looking after employees.

  • Why Retirement Financial Planning Should be a Prime HR Responsibility (Part 2) - 11 January 2008
  • Why Retirement Financial Planning Should be a Prime HR Responsibility (Part 1)

    What Operational Errors in Retirement Financial Planning Say

    Who is responsible when federal examiners find glaring errors in retirement financial planning actions of employers? It is tempting to blame accountants because they have to do the math about how much is to be deducted from employees and deposited in the national treasury.

  • The Green Crescent on Stock Horizons (Part 1) - 10 January 2008
  • The stock market is a part of American business culture. It was in the United States that the practice of raising and offering funds for commercial and industrial was born in our stock exchanges. There may have been earlier forms of money lending that some historians claim as precursors of a stock trading ring, but the modern world has largely copied the United States in establishing national stock trading systems. The United Kingdom has many credits in terms of representative democracy, systems of justice, and bureaucracy, but the United States can take pride in being the prime mover of the stock market phenomenon.

  • The Green Crescent on Stock Horizons (Part 2) - 10 January 2008
  • The Green Crescent on Stock Horizons (Part 1)

    You will find an account of the stock market in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is special on many accounts. It is as multi-racial as Manhattan in many senses, but Islam is much more than a private faith in this richly-endowed sub-tropical paradise. The country has many excellent success stories based on Islamic finance. Banking in the Middle East plans to use Sharia teachings, but Malaysia has more than a decade of such practices under its belt. This is a development for all stock market professionals to study, because Islamic banking is in the process of quickly establishing firm shares in the United States and the EU.

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