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  • What International Politics Means for Stock Investment (Part 1) - 17 January 2008
  • A US Presidential campaign brings stock market and governance links to the fore. Patterns of campaign donations provide glaring evidence of how a stock exchange is driven. Candidates make promises about policies they will implement on winning, and investors can use these leads to predict future stock price trends. Other countries and forms of governance also have their own links between stock market sentiment and politics.

  • What International Politics Means for Stock Investment (Part 2) - 17 January 2008
  • What International Politics Means for Stock Investment (Part 1)

    Spatial Strength for the Top Stock Picks

    What can we learn from corporations that succeed consistently in all kinds of political environments? Protection of proprietary know-how in home countries, excellence in liaison, decentralization of marketing, and strategic sourcing, are the four pillars of sustained success in global business. Companies that ignore these sources of strategic strength are likely to flounder in unfamiliar business conditions, and will be failures when foreign governments change abruptly.

  • Has the Vietnam Stock Market Come of Age? (Part 1) - 16 January 2008
  • Do Vietnamese stocks deserve your attention? This engaging country lacks the gargantuan sizes of India and China, but its average 8% GDP growth deserves careful consideration. Cheap labor and a sound agricultural base have always attracted envious foreign attention in Vietnam, so it could be time to divert some part of portfolios to the local stock exchange. It has been many months since this web site last reflected on the positives of the Vietnam stock market, and the recent instability of some first world markets indicates that it may be time to consider Vietnamese stocks afresh.

  • Has the Vietnam Stock Market Come of Age? (Part 2) - 16 January 2008
  • Has the Vietnam Stock Market Come of Age? (Part 1)

    Discordant Notes for Private Equity

    It would be unrealistic to indulge in unqualified optimism in the promotion of Vietnamese stock investment. Bureaucracy and the political establishment in Hanoi have not moved as decisively as in New Delhi or Beijing, so the country persists with business practices that would make global stock investors uncomfortable.

  • Financial Planning In and Out of Love (Part 1) - 15 January 2008
  • The job of a financial planner is only half done without heterosexual marriage counseling! Though the United States is better than Switzerland and some European Union countries in abusing taxation systems to entice free men and women to get and stay married to members of the other sex, the country has made laborious progress in moving towards exclusive individual taxation. There are serious disincentives in cohabiting out of wedlock in the home of the brave, while financial benefits are kept away from homosexual homes. Financial planning must cater to personal preferences, and even heterosexual citizens have to plan in advance to keep the cash drains of their feelings for others under control!

  • Financial Planning In and Out of Love (Part 2) - 15 January 2008
  • Financial Planning In and Out of Love (Part 1)

    Financial Planning Aspects of Relationships

    Capital acquisition, gross income, the cash needs of dependents, and prevailing tax legislation are important financial planning matters that deserve expert consultation and careful review. One way is to do this when you are back at work after your annual summer break, so that things are in place before the festive season starts. The other option is to have a great time first, and use the long January nights to agonize over the financial planning aspects of relationships after the partying has died down.

  • Cash Flow Benefits for Stocks from Strategic Organic Growth (Part 1) - 14 January 2008
  • Should owners worry about the origins of stock dividends? Stability of stock value may not always be an expressed imperative, but who makes stock picks without financial planning in mind? Day trading in stocks cannot be equated with classic stock investment. The latter seeks to capture hidden and projected stock value within constraints of capital protection. This is why organic growth in cash flow is generally worth far more to the discerning financial advisor than rumors of mergers, acquisitions, and surrender of stocks to competitors. Regulators do not insist on statutory accounts for inorganic growth moves being segregated, which is primarily why glaring errors by executives in acquisitive stock trading remain hidden.

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