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  • What Top Stocks Foretell (Part 1) - 3 February 2008
  • Stock value may be said to represent customer appreciation, if margin efficiencies are assumed to be equal in free enterprise. A company that outperforms nearly identical competitors reflects the popular choices of a majority. The value of Sears stocks are even higher than the nominal stock value that it has enjoyed for decades: the brand name is an icon of the American way of life. It has an indelible place in the modern history of the United States. The company has enabled countless baby boomers to dress well for less, and has made it possible to shop from the leisure of our own home, and in privacy.

  • What Top Stocks Foretell (Part 2) - 3 February 2008
  • What Top Stocks Foretell (Part 1)

    Marketing Mix Appraisal for Top Stock Picks

    Stock analysis has become a financial matter, though marketing is at least as important in appraising business and management. The Sears infrastructure is not meaningful for today’s consumers unless stores drastically change ambience and server profiles. A catalog must have lower value for consumers with broad-band Internet connections than it did for the pioneering families of early settlers. Another aspect is that consumers in emerging countries such as China and India may value traditional product lines and services of Sears more than its traditional western segments. Is it time for the company to return to the drawing board?

  • What the Administration Can Teach Business about Stock Value (Part 1) - 2 February 2008
  • Bureaucrats are often profiled as individuals who are less competent and effective in management terms than executives in corporations that work for profits. The reality is that business management techniques can work regardless of organizations structure and nature. Similarly, just as all managers in a company do not have the same levels of competence, so an administration can also have individual members who work effectively for positive changes. The Homeland Security Department and the Office of Management and Budget have recently introduced major cost-saving measures that all corporations should try and emulate.

  • What the Administration Can Teach Business about Stock Value (Part 2) - 2 February 2008
  • What the Administration Can Teach Business about Stock Value (Part 1)

    New Cost Effectiveness Pressures on Global Stocks

    All companies have enjoyed some degrees of cost protection during the days of tariff barriers and government dominance of certain sectors. These artificial barriers are under persistent attack wherever they have not been destroyed already. Most companies now use scales of economy to win unbeatable cost advantages. Hence, market shares are under constant threats except for the most differentiated goods and services. Cost effectiveness has always been a success driver in any generic business, but these capabilities now threaten entrenched brands as well. It is self-defeating to prevent exhaustive cost audits, because the market and customers abhor system inefficiencies.

  • Common Business Management and Stock Investment Relationship Tips (Part 1) - 31 January 2008
  • Inter-personal relationships have equal effects on business management and stock investment. We are a social species, yet some executives and investors like to be loners. However, the chances of sustained success improve when we are able to build long-term and trusting relationships with others for mutual benefits. It is generally a multiple rather than a dual matter, though intensity inevitably decreases with the size of a group or a team. Global effects on business and stock investing are special, because bonding with people from other cultures presents special challenges.

  • Common Business Management and Stock Investment Relationship Tips (Part 2) - 31 January 2008
  • Common Business Management and Stock Investment Relationship Tips (Part 1)

    Empathy Builds Long-Term Stock Investing and Business Relationships

    Neither speaking nor writing, are the only means of communication. Those who laugh at the gesticulations of others may have mirthful but unconscious habits of their own. There is abundant common sense about the meanings of clothes, fashion, styles, and etiquette, but only those trained in behavioral psychology can use tools of color, appearance, and gestures professionally. Psychology also tells us about patterns and tendencies of individuals, as well as about techniques to deal best with the aggressive, indifferent, or the reticent. Unfortunately, most of us practice these skills more on others than on our selves!

  • Back to Entrepreneurial Schools to Revive Flagging Stocks (Part 1) - 30 January 2008
  • Should the adage of history repeating itself not apply to stocks? Regression analysis has become rather archaic in cutting-edge stock investment technology, but the cornerstone events of stock market history are worth revisiting in order to derive lessons for the future. No stock exchange has ever functioned without encountering irrepressible volatility, so interregnums of relative calm offer the best hopes of productive reflection. OTCBB and even PK stocks can sometimes provide ideas to executives responsible for large corporations, because success and failure, growth and stagnation, as well as profits and cash drains are all tantalizingly close to each other!

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