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  • Why Private Investors Put Risk First in Building Stock Market Assets - 29 February 2008
  • Risk management is not new to the stock market, but it has become more popular with investors of late. One of the reasons could be that so much of our familiar business has moved to an emerging market such as China. Values of assets in an exotic market can swing wildly, as terms of trade and regulations vary so much in foreign countries.

  • Start a Hedge Fund in Currencies Now! - 28 February 2008
  • You need not indulge in any unduly aggressive investing to deal with dollar, Euro, and RMB market conditions of 2008. A bank would typically employ an army of specialists to decide on short-selling, leverage, swaps, and other derivatives. The risks are not worthwhile from your individual stand-point because the market could take turns very differently from what people predict at this point of time.

  • Back to Business Management Basics to Survive in Today‚Äôs Stock Market - 27 February 2008
  • Does Ambac deserve a bail-out? Are assurances of dollars enough to prevent writedowns? How much exposure can stock or a bond take based on credit ratings anyway? Why do regulators allow Insurance industry players to take such massive risks? What should small stock investors make of the rumors in stock market circles?

  • Use the 3B=ADM Formula for Stock Market Success - 26 February 2008
  • Could there be more than what skeptic observers make of Richard Branson flying one of his Virgin aircraft on a bio-fuel blend? The flamboyant entrepreneur from across the Atlantic has defended his venture to reduce the fossil fuel effects of his airline stoutly. He insists that his passion is about more than just his stock value!

  • Which Stock Should You Sell Short Now? - 25 February 2008
  • People, who have profited most from sub-prime, sell credit card and auto loan stocks short now. Look around you, and see how many folks you know who are knee deep or worse in debts that they cannot afford. Bankruptcy is not the stigma it used to be. Outgoing and incoming Presidents will be tempted to protect innocents from loan repayment burdens. Short all stocks that you can rent from the Consumer Financial Services sub-category of the financial sector.

  • Templates for an Energy Revolution on the Stock Market (Part 1) - 22 February 2008
  • The stock market is inseparable from international politics. Even communists acknowledge the stock exchange reality of modern life. Most US stocks can be owned by foreigners. Washington encourages American investments abroad. Opinions are divided on links between Iraq and our unquenchable thirst for oil. However, there is no doubt that Anti-American interest in Venezuela uses oil trade as a weapon against us. The Russians do the same thing with heating gas for some former units of the Soviet Union. The strategic oil reserve of Alaska is a prime source of US military strength. Energy is a potent stock with over one thousand world listings from coal, oil, gas, and alternative energy enterprises.

  • Templates for an Energy Revolution on the Stock Market (Part 2) - 22 February 2008
  • Templates for an Energy Revolution on the Stock Market (Part 1)

    Clean Energy Stocks

    The new Australian Prime Minister has endorsed the Kyoto Protocol, and a 2009 US President may also move decisively in the direction of clean energy. Green business becomes more popular by the month. The alternative energy area is so full of half-baked business ideas that some observers predict it to be a future bubble that will burst like sub prime. However, there are stocks available for investors who want places in alternative energy without undue capital risks.

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