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  • Which Other Stock Can Match This Dividend Record? - 11 March 2008
  • Walk the talk. This adage has renewed utility today. Stock brokers and analysts abound, but no one guarantees dividends. Your payout is the only sure part about stock market advice. Even a mutual fund will make you sign away all accountability. You get a share only if the fund manager succeeds in stock picks. Why not do your own stock investing if you have to take the risks?

  • Hold or Short, You Cannot Lose in the Investment Services Industry - 10 March 2008
  • You are not alone. It is normal to be in awe of giants in the Investment Services industry. These corporations pay enormous sums to celebrity alumni of top Business Management schools. Even governments listen to them. They know it all, from the state of the economy downwards. Then there is the sub-prime story. Some of their executives have been naughty. They have left with golden handshakes. The stock market holds its collective breath in the meantime. What further bad news can we expect about undisclosed losses tomorrow?

  • Fly Above Recession with the Stock Market under Your Wings - 7 March 2008
  • Inflation, recession, and stagflation, are three most feared words. Weeks have passed since the President and the Fed promoted a stimulus package. It has not worked as yet. The BRIC countries surge ahead in the meantime. Read about one of them at one of our sister sites: “Can New China Sustain its Spot in Economic News?

  • Cash Flow Discounting Must Rule the Stock Market - 6 March 2008
  • It is one of the first things they teach you in a Business School. Islamic banking excludes interest. However, the time value of money is a secular fact. Equity shares profit in place of usury. Everyone has to keep an eye on the calendar when cash flows are discussed. Bank notes and deposits will be worth less next year than today. Come to think of it, a year may be too long to discount money in 2008.

  • A Value Stock Investing Tutorial from WAG - 5 March 2008
  • Value has always been manna from heaven for stock investing. Value investing is especially popular today. Everyone searches NYSE listings for stocks with more inherent value than current prices suggest. It is easier to converse about value investing than to practice it. Seeing stock value that others cannot needs X-Ray like vision. How can you penetrate stock market barriers to see stocks in proper light? Here is a live example:

  • Can We Ever Be Certain of Day Trading Gains? - 4 March 2008
  • Well we can come close. Stock brokers have built empires out of day trading by clients. Misconceptions rule the business of short-term stock trades. It is not necessarily akin to gambling. Neither must it involve peering endlessly at charts on computer screens. Classic technical analysis means less to day trading in this age. Present stock market conditions are far too different from the past. Stochastic modeling is the best way to deal with random stock price movements. However, you have to be a math wizard to figure out Markov Chains. Do not let that latter term scare you away for there are easier ways to win at stock trades.

  • What Do Women Want from the Stock Market? - 3 March 2008
  • Personal preferences will color most answers to this question. There is no requirement that every female must have exactly the same investment objectives. May such individuality rule the stock market! The only matter on which we can all agree is that Bernanke should hit the interest rate reduction button as often as possible.

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