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  • Business Cycle Bond Stock Trades - 12 may 2008
  • Every bond is not from a municipality. Profit-making corporations also use the bond route to meet fund needs. A bond is almost as liquid as stock. You can buy and sell a bond just like a stock pick. It comes with a kind of fixed dividend. Your risk is less than with a stock. That is why a bond yields less than stock from the same corporation.

  • Stock Hymns in Praise of Dividends - 8 may 2008
  • Ingratitude is worse than a common failing. It can lead you to the wrong stock picks. Search engines show you historical stock price trends. Denominators are missing. It is not just a matter of ratios. Those checks in the mail every quarter are chicks in your hands. The guidance stuff is for tired birds in the proverbial bush.

  • Insurance Drivers of Retirement Financial Planning - 5 may 2008
  • You need help to bathe, dress, and eat.

    Old age fills all of us with dread. It could be parents today. We are even more likely to need assisted living one day. Increasing longevity is one reason. Poor economic management by the Fed is another. Social security is bursting at the tips. The troops are not even back from Iraq. Medical technology does not help in this aspect. New discoveries cost way more than anything Medicare can afford.

  • Fly Over the Stock Market Information Nest - 29 April 2008
  • You cannot escape the Information Age. Everyone promises not to spam your data. That does not include looking over your shoulder. Do you ever use a search engine? The best one will not disclose your identity. However, they do let you browse trends. Which words do people use for searches? How has this changed over time? You can access anonymous but significant data. Compare results for languages, across countries, and even cities. This applies to stocks as well.

  • Take This Financial Planning Gift Horse with Grateful Hands - 25 April 2008
  • Financial planning software is free. Do not fret if the business model does not make sense. Just use it to keep track of your expenses.

  • How Your Financial Planning Can Benefit from the Demise of Capitalism - 22 April 2008
  • You may prefer the term ‘rebirth’ to demise. Some die-hards may not see the Bear Stearns fire sale as a disruptive business event. Aimless debate is a luxury. Most of us are concerned with tightening belts to prepare for lean times ahead. You have to be an incurable optimist or Chinese to see a bright economic 2008.

  • Business Lessons from Mobile Wars - 18 April 2008
  • 2007 was not a uniformly bad year for all business. Banks will like to banish the nightmares. Most iPhone users and its legendary maker will remember the last calendar year forever.

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