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  • Shed Such Stocks Now - 30 may 2008
  • There could be more Bear Stearns around the corner. How can you spot bankruptcy in time? Here are five tell-take signs:

  • It is Never Too Early or Too Late to Learn Stock Investing - 29 may 2008
  • We have friends who still do not invest in the stock market. Then there are others. Some of them follow every word of business news. They have made steady losses over the past six months. They discourage friends from stock investing.

  • The Vulture Investor Is Really an Owl - 28 may 2008
  • A vulture investor is not as nasty as the term sounds. You should use vulture investing methods. That is why a better label matters. Call yourself an owl investor. That sounds wise.

  • Stock Flight Simulator - 27 may 2008
  • Why should we not carry a special on stock investing for airline pilots?

    They have relatively short earning careers. They could be found medically unfit to fly any year. The poor guys are forced by the FAA to lie idle in hotels for days between flights. Wireless Internet makes them just right for online stock trading.

  • Look Before You Leap into Credit - 26 may 2008
  • This is a companion piece. It relates to another article we have uploaded. You need not read this one unless you have seen “Use the Weak Dollar to Negotiate Better Trade Terms”.

  • Use the Weak Dollar to Negotiate Better Trade Terms - 23 may 2008
  • The falling dollar spares no one. The average daily shopping list contains loads of products and services with imported content. Some of us travel abroad every year. Perhaps you have a fondness for things made in other countries. The dollar is an instrument of global trade. China and the Middle East have enormous stashes of dollars. The Fed adds to the mayhem. Crashing interest rates tempt people to borrow more. Much of this money goes into buying stocks and commodities from our adversaries. The dollar is set to keep falling, at least as long as the Bush administration stays put. What can you do?

  • Two-in-One Stock - 22 may 2008
  • Forget what you have heard about eggs and omelets. It is the same with having cakes you eat. The stock market lets you profit with safety. There are stocks which pay as reliably as bonds. It is like fishing. You have to be lucky or skilled. Either route lands you some incredible stock catch.

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